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  1. The SF guidons I remember from the '60s were teal blue and yellow. There was a 1 (1st SF) above the arrows, the Group number to the staff side of the arrows, and the Company designator (I.E.: A, HQ, SN) was below the arrows. Not sure when SFGs first had Battalions, but it wasn't in the mid 60s. SF wasn't a branch until the '80s, which is when Jungle Green became the branch color.
  2. NG SF Groups wore pot covers in the 1960s. I can't imagine that no other units did
  3. IMO, that flash wasn't made to US Army specs, at least not for 5th SFG...the white border is too wide. Also 5th Grp wasn't wearing that flash during the time frame of the beret.
  4. Colors are off, but it looks like the Special Operations & Civil Military Operations Department of the School of the Americas oval.
  5. Here's one that was issued to me in '66.
  6. Yep, they look period to me. Probably bought together at the PX, or SF Bookstore, since they are all from one supplier(Meyer). Just a side note... None of the flashes I was ever issued or purchased back then, had as much excess base cloth as that one does.
  7. It looks like the 1960s Special Forces Reserve Component Flash to me. Blue w/white border, worn by all NG and USAR SF Groups prior to the adoption of individual group flashes.
  8. [quote name="37thguy" post="2297844" timestamp="1488476162 One question I have is, were the jungle jackets worn exclusively in Vietnam, or were they worn throughout the world? They were not exclusive. 7th Group (at Bragg) was issued them in 1963. The same was probably true of the other groups at Bragg (3rd, 5th, and 6th).
  9. In the 60s, all the orders, rosters, etc that I have seen used SP4, SP5, SP6 and SP7.
  10. As pointed out above it's the SFA Badge of Courage. The X represents a decade. The SFA was originally called the US Special Forces Decade Club. Membership was limited to those with 10 years of SF service.
  11. Roger that Skip, never heard of anyone being issued one either. AFAIK, they like Bucks were private purchase commercial knives. I have one of the angled blade models.
  12. Do you happen to know what year it was from? Based on the tape position, my guess would be '69.
  13. Maybe so, but there was a constant rotation of SF troops back to Bragg from the RVN.
  14. I never saw any, SF or other at Bragg back then.
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