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    Interested in medical, especially Corpsmen attached to the USMC from Vietnam & back to inception. Uniforms etc, shoulder patches, especially rate badges, gear, ribbons/medals. Some Civil War & firearms pre-1898. Artwork & pictorial books.
  1. Thank you all for the compliments. I noticed the pict is a bit blurry, I'm not that good at putting scans on this website. I'm going to attempt to put a clearer one, but if I get frustrated (which I do easily) I'll leave the original. Jumping' Jack - I mainly do wildlife & some fantasy stuff. There is a painting I did on the Civil War portion of this website, involving my Grt Grandpa's flag. But I haven't done too much military related. Steathytyler - I hadn't been with my company long, we were sent up a hill & some NVA forward guards had actually slipped into our ranks &
  2. I started this painting a long time ago & never finished it. Found it in a box awhile back & did finish. Thought I'd post for those interested. It's a small 8 x 10 painting, but says a lot about a true experience I went thru. 2 planes were diverted from a North Vietnam bombing run to help us when we came under attack. One of the jets screamed down a ravine near me, I looked over & could see the pilot moving his head. It was a hellacious day in the life in Nam.
  3. Hello - I have a helmet liner with a small M6 stamped in the inside top. Does anyone know what this stamp means? Thanks, Jim
  4. Thank you 4th Miss Cav. You are absolutely right, to think of the torrent of mini-balls, canister shot & cannon balls they marched into is beyond comprehension. Sometimes 2 or 3 different assaults on the same area. They said thousands of dead & wounded laid for days in the fields & forests of this battle. It was freezing weather also. One guy had a gaping wound in his leg & it took them 9 days to find him. He survived. Talk about grit! They all sacrificed a lot.
  5. Thank you, yes it helps to see the real thing. My research turned up the fact the lettering between the stars were of a yellow/gold color. They are more visible on the original flag than this photo, but they were a very faded light color, so I was originally going to make them white. So I'm glad I discovered that tidbit to get it accurate. Don Spaulding is one of the CW genre art masters. Out of my league. That is interesting you sold him the saddle he used in one of his paintings. I've only seen photos of his work, I would like to see an original up close. Seems if I do art to s
  6. Howdy - Thank you for the kind comment. To answer your first question, yes it is owned by an individual in Nashville, Tenn. He was kind enough to let me come to his home & photograph it. I was living in Calif at the time & I have relatives in Tenn, so on a visit to see them, I went up to his place. I believe the flag sat in a trunk in Ohio for decades & was found & sold to a CW relic dealer in Murfreesboro, Tenn who told me who he sold it to & where it was located. The dealer is the one who had it restored before he sold it. Yes, they were Americans also, caught
  7. Thank you Infantryboy11629th - I appreciate taking the time to comment.
  8. Thank you for the feedback. It was serendipitous I ended up seeing the flag in the first place. And it took me awhile to research & get that painting done.
  9. Hey ssggates - Thank you for the positive note. Small world having a relative in that particular unit. They took a beating there at Stones River. If my Grt Grandpa hadn't survived, I wouldn't be here. He was in his 20's & unmarried during the War. Married my Grt Grandma when he was 40 & she was 18. They ended up having 8 children, one of them being my Grandpa who then had my dad. I went down to the 152nd Anniversary of the battle this last end of Dec. Had a good time getting filled in on some of the particulars of the battle & watching some re-enactors in their garb firi
  10. I'm an artist, but don't do a lot of Civil War art. I recently painted this of J.M. Rice as the theme was so dramatic in my mind. I tried to put with the other post, but kept getting an error. So I'm doing it this way.
  11. My Grt Grandpa, who went by J.J., being of age in the south during the American Civil War, ended up serving in the 8th Tennessee Inf C.S.A. The big battle I know he was in was at Stones River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Dec 31 - Jan 2 1862. As it turns out this was a very significant battle & I've read it took the highest casualties on both sides in all the major battles during the War. Although it never gets the press of Shiloh, Antietam, or Gettysburg. J.J.'s unit had 306 casualties out of 425 men. The flag bearer J.M. Rice was shot in the leg, went down on his knees & crawled forwa
  12. I appreciate the feedback PAL. The ceremony for PFC Gipson will be held mid Oct at MCRD Parris Island. After searching & finding some of his family, it turns out his Grt Nephew is a Drill Sgt there & arrangements have been made with the base for the event. There will be at least 4 or 5 of his old Golf company members there, including our former CO & around 15- 20 of his family members (he was from a large family) along with the Sgt's graduating recruits & top brass. Should be quite a shindig with an outpouring of emotion - I know I'll have a lump in my throat & a tear i
  13. I'm writing to report that after 2 years 2 months of process, yesterday (coincidently D-Day), I was contacted by the USMC Awards center in Quantico Va to tell me that George Gipson was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star with "V". It wasn't the Silver Star that I & others were hoping for, but at least he got some recognition for his brave act. The person at the USMC Awards center told me there had been 8 others that had been submitted that were totally rejected - so compared to that I'm satisfied with the outcome. Hopefully some member of his family can be located to receive the Medal
  14. Nice collection. Good score on the Pre-WW1. Sometimes eBay gives us some winners. I got this pair of mint WW1 USMC Pharm-mate rates on eBay a few yrs ago for a decent price. They are extremely rare, as they were in short supply even during that time period. The brown Eagle is War time & the green Eagle was just post (possibly 20's). They are the Creme de la Creme of my Pharm/Corpsman rate collection. A photo of Pharmicist Mate 1st Class John Balch receiving MOH wearing one of these types.
  15. A note to say that George Gipson's Silver Star award is still in process. It's been 16 months since submission. I found out the main reason for the delay is some former General submitted a whole slew of requests for his guys around the same time frame as George's and it not only clogged the process but has caused a re-evaluation of the Awards procedures. Hopefully when all this is worked out, George will finally get his medal. Doc
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