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  1. I'm definitely not an ordnance guy, so I'm looking for a little help here. Is this red smoke grenade for the Vietnam era, or is it post-war. I plan on selling this with a few other grenades, but would like to know the era, and what these are going for? The 1st picture is of the red smoke, and the 2nd is the whole lot that I would like to sell. All 3 HE grenades are repo's of course. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sean
  2. Does anyone know off of the top of their head if the hole in the bottom of the Webster's torso's are 5/8" or 7/8". The reason I ask is because I would like to buy a couple of those heavy duty bases listed previously in the thread. However, I am at work right now and not able to physically measure the holes. Thanks for the help !!! Sean
  3. Is the base made out of metal or wood? Thanks
  4. Here is the one I was considering before starting this thread. http://www.amazon.com/White-Mannequin-Adjustable-Tripod-AT35/dp/B00ADQOVNS/ref=pd_sim_sbs_ac_14 Any thoughts on this one guys ??? Thanks, Sean
  5. Trenchrat and Dave, Many thanks for all of your help and input. This definitely gives me a couple of options to explore. Ordering just the bases would be more cost effective, especially if they will work with the Webster's torso's I already have. However, new torso's might be a better option. I'll have to mull this over for a bit and figure out which option will work, and blend in the best with my other displays. Many thanks again for your help in this matter gentlemen!!! Sean
  6. Dave, thanks for the pic's, and I'm glad to hear that someone has actually used other bases with Webster's torso mannequins. I like the torso's themselves, but the wooden bases are definitely not built to withstand a heavy duty field gear display. My Webster's torso's hold my dress uniforms just fine, but my field gear displays are another story altogether. I think I am going to order a couple of those heavy duty brushed metal stand from the link listed above. I did a brief eBay search and couldn't find "citidisplays" listed as a registered member. "Mannequinmaven" is listed, but it is mos
  7. Also, which type of base would be more durable and distribute the weight more evenly, a round, square, or tripod base ??? More food for thought for those with more experience in this area! Sean
  8. After checking out the bases in the link you listed, I wonder if the bases will fit onto the Webster's torso? It looks like you can buy the bases separately, but in order to save a little money, I wonder if the metal support rods will fit into a Webster's foam torso mannequin ??? Any thoughts on this ??? Thanks, Sean
  9. I don't want to "dog" Webster's to much as their torso' are good for dress uniform, but I do have to agree with you that assembling a full field gear display on their torso's is a major no no. The glue which holds the wooden dowel rod in the base actually broke on my WWII field gear display. I have to lean it backwards against the wall in order for it to stay upright. Thisis the exact reason I am searching for a better alternative. Thanks for the link, as I bookmarked it, and I will check it out at a later time. Sean
  10. TRR, Yes, that is almost exactly what I have, minus the head. Mine are just the body torso's with no arm, legs, or head, as they only come up to the neck. The base in that picture looks exactly like mine !!!
  11. Sorry guys, I should have elaborated more. TRR pretty much nailed it, as the Webster's torso's just can't really support the weight of a, more or less, full field gear display. I have 2 different displays, one from Nam, and one from WWII. The one from Nam is a full M1956 gear display, pistol belt, ammo grenades, basically everything. The one from WWII is similar, as is is an almost complete M19128 haversack system complete with M1 ammo belt and so on and so forth. The webster's display are great for displaying dress uniforms, but a fully loaded field gear torso, simply cannot support the
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a couple of heavy duty torso mannequins? I have 2 field gear displays, and the torso mannequins I bought from Webster's just can't handle the weight, especially when you adjust them upwards, further from the base. I've scoured the Internet from eBay to Amazon, to Google searches, but I was curious as to what other members may use when displaying heavy field gear on torso mannequins??? I'm not into the whole "make your own mannequin", so I don't even consider that an option. However, I do want nice quality matching mannequins, which can hold the weight
  13. That is exactly what I did !!! It took me quite a few times to figure it out because I actually rolled the blanket, but I couldn't get the bottom strap buckled, as there was just not enough slack. After looking at the picture above, it finally dawned on me to fold the blanket in a square. Once I did that, I had no problem buckling the top and bottom straps. I can't remember where exactly I found that pic online, but I really liked the look of a short pack verses the full and completely overloaded pack. Since this pack is on a torso, there is really no need to find and fill the pack with al
  14. Awesome, many thanks for the link! However, is there any way to assemble the pack without the shelter half or tent ??? Attached is a picture of what I would like just the pack to look like, anyone have any ideas ??? Thanks again for the help !!! Sean
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