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  1. hello , i am looking for maps of Twenty Grand camp in France near Duclair cheers , patrice from France
  2. Hello, this Marine was KIA at the beginning of November 1918, I've taken out his name on purpose, on consideration for his memory. This is an official evidence that some Marines were wearing collar discs during the fights. He was a replacement... May this help you in your research. Oak
  3. Hello, I think that the USMC collar discs, which are very rare on battlefields, were brought to France by the replacement Marines from Saint-Mihiel fights. Does anyone have any information on the supply of the USMC collar during the fights in France ? Regards Oak
  4. hello here are the two different EGA models I've found, note the diferences even the quality of bronze is different, I hope that could be useful in your research. If you need any other pictures, don't hesitate. Regards Oak
  5. hello Here are all the EGAs I've found in about 30 years of research on the USMC battlefields in France. So you can see that they are in different conditions according to the ground acidity. The collar is the model of collar worn by the Marines of the 4th brigade in France from Saint-Mihiel fights, NO DOUBT about it! I'm happy to share with you what I've found and if you don't believe me it's up to you. "To do is hard, to judge is easy" Semper Fi Oak
  6. hello everything is dug relic i found on battlefields in France, and i have others in different conditions regards oak
  7. collar hello i found the collar in 2011 June, on the Saint-Mihiel battlefield , with a metal detector regards oak , from France
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