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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. I was just curious as to if the Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine insignias might have been any different size. I saw a set recently on eBay, that where not GF over sterling, that had the latitudinal lines running all the way to the edge of the insignia, and they measured closer to 1/2" across. Unlike these that stop at the last longitudinal lines. Kent
  2. Hello Everyone, I haven't been on the forum for several months, and hope that all are well. But, I do have another head scratcher for you. I do know that these collar insignia are "Electricians," and very possibly WWII. However, from looking through the June 1943 Nat. Geo booklet Insignia and Decorations of the U.S. Armed Forces, this insignia appears to be the exact same in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines sections. So what do you guys think? They both measure just about 3/4" across, and are both marked 1/20 10K ON STERLING. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have attached two photos to view. Kent
  3. Hey, Thanks for the info Major Z! Any idea as to when they produced this Navy DSM? Kent
  4. Hey Guys, I have another head scratcher for me. As you can see this is a Navy DSM. But, I haven't been able to find who the maker is. Also since I don't know who the maker is, I don't know when it was made. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kent
  5. Well Chris, it all sounds very logical to me. I don't think you will get anyone to question your ideas on this subject. This style to me being the sleekest of all of the wings that I have seen, probably would have been many of the pilots choice to wear over some of the other "over size" bulky styles of the time. I am not saying that many of them weren't good looking wings, but just not as practical. What is your take on that thought?
  6. Wow, thanks Chris, you seem to be the one to talk to about these WWI wings. I am very glad to have found your post. So in your estimation, which company actually started producing this style wing of wing first? Kent
  7. Thanks Guys! I usually don't post, unless I run out of options. Thanks for your congrats, and thanks Chris for the Link company info. It is greatly appreciated. Yes, these were found in NJ, less than a week ago. I honestly believe that the original pin was accidentally torn off and replaced by this jewelers replacement drop down catch. Chris, the set that you posted with the officers collar insignia, to your knowledge did all of these WWI Link wings have the Tiffany style catches? I only ask because the Link wings on the Bob Schwartz site has a large drop down style catch. Thanks for the full info on the Link company. Much appreciated. Also to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing, I have yet to see the "Meyer" version of these wings. Did they really make this same style? Or did they acquire the molds from Link? Thanks Again, Kent
  8. Thanks Tod, I have not fully delved into all of the forums as of yet, but have been on the Bob Schwartz site. He does have the exact same example, with the exception of the ones that he has pictured appear to have its original catch. Mine has had a jeweler replacement catch, which up close appears to be a period drop down catch. When viewing mine up close it definitely has very good detailing within the feathers all the way around. I still haven't been able to find where the Link company was located. Kent
  9. First off Happy New Year to one and all! This is a first for me to post on this section of the USMF. I recently acquired these wings, and wanted to find out anyh info on the company, and if these wings have ever been reproduced. I did some research, but could not find much on this company.This is why I have come to you experts, as I am definitely not. These happen to be the fist set of WWI wings of any type that I have ever encountered, so any information would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a few photos for you to view. They measure just under 3" across. Thanks, Kent
  10. Yea, you guys are probably right. I didn't think of that. Thanks
  11. Hey Guys, Here is another head scratcher for me. I just recently picked it up. Did several hours to find out what it is, to no avail. All of the Brig. Gen. insignia that I have found all seem to be silver in color or sterling. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kent
  12. Thanks for all of the info guys. You learn something new every day.
  13. Thanks Larry. I would guess its 28th HQ's? It is maker marked S.E.Eby Co. Philadelphia, with a drop down catch. Would you say WWII or post? Thanks, Kent
  14. Well guys, this is another head scratcher for me. It looks to be possibly New Jersey State Guard related? But that is my only possible guess, since I found it here in NJ where I live. You guys are the experts, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kent
  15. So is it considered to be a fairly common patch? Thanks, Kent
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