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  1. This is probably an adult Senior Member uniform, an adult member who opted to not attain rank. SMs still train and get certified and even command units, they just don't wear any rank insignia.
  2. I'm going to give the nod to Reagan for ending a war we never had to really fight. FDR fumbled horribly by staying in office and believing he could charm Stalin. I believe if FDR had listened to his generals and crossed the Channel in '43 there may never have been any atomic attacks. Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.
  3. That is almost always your intention ;-}
  4. The picture is kind of dark on my screen but the size makes me think it could also be individually airdropped; a resupply bundle full of IVs would be just too heavy too jump. Nice, versatile piece of equipment. I'd give you around $30 ;-}
  5. I wish I could be helpful but I don't have any of his stuff right now though I helped him a few times when he hosted their reunions. I think they slowed down about ten years ago and began consolidating their gatherings under the larger 10th AF groups. I have seen the video of the recovery of the P~38 that Art Kidder deadsticked in and is now at Hill AFB. Very discouraging how they butchered a flyable airplane to get it aboard the barge. Anyhow, my Father transferred to Elmendorf after the war and for a time was the commander only because he chose to remain on active duty while everyone else
  6. A "Tour of Duty" format would be very good in combination with Wouk's style of storytelling. Instead of a bunch of guys coming together in one unit have some hometown buddies depicted in various units such as infantry, artillery, Navy, etc. No Spec Oops, just some plain ole guys gone to war. Maybe even have one deferred or a pacifist. Even a draft dodger would create great interest.
  7. Really nice display, who is your model, the guy this is patterned after? My own Father flew P~38s there in the 54th and his flying uniform was more like the individual directly above. But he also had the full Arctic regalia so the pictures I have could be from the summer.
  8. They COULD be but you may have to drill new holes. It's been a very long while since I worked with all the parts and I then I was only working with the ones that fit my own squash.
  9. Only for the older versions. I have looked into the current military contract versions and they all have the same modern rubber sole.
  10. Interesting question so I took a look at the website for the RC club I'm familiar with: http://www.azmodelaviators.com/index.html I also looked at a pilots chart to see if their runway is marked and while it is not the airspace immediately above the runway and a surrounding rectangular area is IDd for pilots to basically stay clear. There are more rules these guys follow to keep their hobby safe. You can't have a big fighter jet just fly off out of range and over the horizon ;-}
  11. I usually make my recommendation and be done but something has been on my mind about the advice from here for a couple days and that is the very first thing you should do is finish being a kid. You might be 16 now and we might try to offer you some good advice about how to do what in the most expeditious manner but you really need to finish being a kid. No, I'm not belittling you for your youth but suggesting you enjoy your last years at school and home before moving on as an adult. Yes, you need to concentrate on your grades but I believe another area of interest for the Academy liason office
  12. It is interesting to me that Vietnam continues to be so analyzed, including by armchair pundits but nothing changes. As for the one Man who could have shortened that war or any war it is dependent on philosophies but it seems He is always ignored and only implored right before a major battle or while sitting alone in that foxhole.
  13. My very exact thought upon seeing this topic. Or maybe more about who will be the one man or woman to deter the next conflict? How will we know when that one person is upon us? How will we respond?
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