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  1. Thanks Bob, that's what i was afraid of Mikko
  2. Hi, i've been offered tiger shirt with direct embroidered names etc. But i need help with it...is this vietnam period? Mikko [
  3. Matt, its most likely because timeframe was when SF troops were under USARV so they wore usarv patch with airborne arc on left sleeve. Also ballcaps were used instead of beret's that time Mikko
  4. Nice set, would fit my collection anyday Mikko
  5. I believe its real stuff but lets wait for more comments Mikko
  6. Do you have better pictures of beogam set? Is there any size markings?
  7. wow, amazing uniforms! Ebay finds? Mikko
  8. Like Mike said, nothing wrong with the pants. Would fit anyday to my collection.
  9. Ripstop material is a dead end if you are looking Vietnam period tiger stripe. -Mikko
  10. Or maybe more...If mr. norway wants it, it can sell for silly money. It's all about bidders
  11. Yep, brown dominant erdl's...show picture of tag so we see the date
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