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  1. The one on the right is a WW2 era USMC mosquito net that was worn by Marines from WWII through Vietnam. Not sure what the other ones are. Perhaps commercial? The one on the left doesn't seem to have your typical "frogskin" camo. Fred
  2. Thanks for sharing! I guess anyone can just send/ give something to Robert O'Neill for him to sign. I have seen flags, posters, magazines, etc. There seems to be a lot of DEVGRU stuff out there nowadays. Zone5 started selling some patches several years ago, and then the last couple of years a couple of (former) ADS (Atlantic Dive Supply) guys started selling the exact same ones, as well as some "new" stuff. Although ADS did make a lot of stuff for DEVGRU and other NSW units, I am still trying to figure out what those patches are. Reproductions of original designs? Original overstoc
  3. Very interesting, I've never heard of these events. I doubt the French one is a repro since these appear to be a niche. Very cool!
  4. Here's a paragraph from the same book mentioning Mr Hawver:
  5. Here's a small picture of Mr Warren from the book "Finding my Father's War":
  6. The seller was able to get the name of the veteran from the estate: Warren F Hawver. I found him listed in a "Red Dragon Report", so that seems to add up. What's the best way to add provenance to this grouping so it's not regarded as just a sum of parts?
  7. Hi Allan, Thank you as always for your feedback. I hope to get the grouping soon so I can take some better pictures. It's still not clear to me if these are reissue medals, but the seller got them from an estate sale and told me he'll be able to get the name of the soldier these once belonged to. You are correct, I meant to say Southern France. A Co was attached to the First Airborne Task Force during Operation Dragoon. Fred
  8. Hi all, Some of you may have seen this small grouping on Ebay, and I decided to take a chance on it. Although the description stated that the recipient remains unknown, I was hoping to identify him through the NY Conspicuous Service Cross. However, the seller then told me that the medal is unnumbered, making the process a lot more difficult. It also appears that there are some reissue pieces in this lot, but the fact that this once belonged to a veteran who landed in Italy by glider with the 2nd Chemical Mortar Bn made it too cool to pass up... I'm sorry
  9. Still looking for thoughts on the above insignia. To me it looks like a period, unmarked Vanguard example, but I was told that unmarked pieces were made for collectors using original dies.
  10. Here's an overview of the lot that sold.
  11. Hi all, This patch sold on Ebay on August 16 along with three others. Did anyone on the forum purchase the lot? It went for a little over $150. This airfield was only 10 minutes from where I used to live. Fred
  12. I tried to take a better picture of the above insignia but it's tricky since some parts are polished while others aren't. I was hesitant to consider these unmarked ones original since I've heard of insignia being made for collectors using original dies. However, this one appears to be older and the finishing is consistent with the Vanguard/ Antaya made piece above. Thoughts?
  13. What are your thoughts on these unmarked UDT insignia? I purchased it from a dealer who said he bought up Gemsco's inventory. I have seen 1/20 silver filled Antaya marked trident on Gemsco cards, so I wouldn't be surprised if Gemsco got some of their insignia from other makers and sold them to its customers. It looks a lot like the quoted Vanguard/ Antaya badge in my opinion.
  14. That patch is for the Peoples Action Teams (South Vietnamese Popular Forces PsyOps).The excess threading on the back worries me, but I certainly am not an expert in this subject.
  15. On a side note, please don't create multiple threads with the exact same question.
  16. Great! Thank you so much. So from the above post it appears that this gentleman is wearing the “Chemical Corps Replacement Training Center” insignia.
  17. Hi all, Been trying to identify the DUIs seen in the attached picture without much success. The hexagonal shape of the DUIs as well as the branch insignia make me believe it's Chemical Corps related, but that's all I have. Thank you in advance for your help! Fred
  18. Interesting. I thought it was a 17th Cavalry Regimentt beret flash, but the colors seem to be reversed...
  19. I think "Hellhounds" is often used HHDs and HHCs because of the two Hs... Anyways, $20 is OK but it will be hard to find a buyer. Although there certainly is a market for unit shirts like these, it's often the Special units that sell at a premium.
  20. Yeah I was surprised to see it as well. Other than this one, the other military shirts and jackets were all stripped...I'll have to check out the other stores in the area just in case.
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