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  1. On a side note, please don't create multiple threads with the exact same question.
  2. Great! Thank you so much. So from the above post it appears that this gentleman is wearing the “Chemical Corps Replacement Training Center” insignia.
  3. Hi all, Been trying to identify the DUIs seen in the attached picture without much success. The hexagonal shape of the DUIs as well as the branch insignia make me believe it's Chemical Corps related, but that's all I have. Thank you in advance for your help! Fred
  4. Interesting. I thought it was a 17th Cavalry Regimentt beret flash, but the colors seem to be reversed...
  5. I think "Hellhounds" is often used HHDs and HHCs because of the two Hs... Anyways, $20 is OK but it will be hard to find a buyer. Although there certainly is a market for unit shirts like these, it's often the Special units that sell at a premium.
  6. Yeah I was surprised to see it as well. Other than this one, the other military shirts and jackets were all stripped...I'll have to check out the other stores in the area just in case.
  7. Was at Goodwill yesterday because I needed something for cheap, and saw a Korean War US Navy Jumper with ribbons (KW service and China service) and musicians rating for about 10 bucks (including the "scarf" thing and the pants). First time I found military stuff at the GW. Nevertheless, I didn't pick it up because I didn't need it.
  8. Yup this is a military shirt for HHD, 57th Trans Bn. Looks like this unit was reactivated in 1999. This style of personalized unit shirts is fairly common, with many units having their own design.
  9. BTW, the fake ones are very easy to spot. The lettering isn't even, and the serial numbers often don't match up. You can rest assure that you have an original VN war era "dug" tag.
  10. This is a real tag. I've seen many of these coming out of Vietnam that were found in the rice paddies etc. I purchased several and was able to return one to the original owner. He told me he lost it when he was medevaced, and was stoked to have it back. Anyways, they all looked just like this.
  11. The "Tactical Unit" patch is for the VIPD 's Tactical Unit (see attached).
  12. 7 purple hearts?! This man must have been either very lucky or very unlucky...
  13. The Greek "Psi" letter makes me think it could be PsyOps related.
  14. You are 100% right. Thank you so much for your help. Not US military after all...
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