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  1. This is a 1st Bn 1st SFG(A) SFODA patch (which also uses the torii gate design in their patches due to the Okinawa connection). The "13" probably refers to the last two digits of their SFODA team designation 1113. In this case, it would be a patch for SFODA 1113, A Co, 1st Bn, 1st SFG(A). Great patch! And if you don't need it, I know a good place for it 😉
  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. Love the E-tool expert badge. lol
  3. I'll start off... I see a Belgian Labor medal (Red, Yellow, Black ribbon) and what seems to be a Japanese Red Cross medal (the one with the rosette). Those odd looking straight USAF chevrons are late experimental Airman Second and First Class chevrons from the late 40's - early 50's. There are also some 60's - 70's US Army SGT stripes to the right of those. That US Navy chevron is an E-6 Machinist Mate's rating. The plastic heart with USAAF insignia is a WW2 era "sweetheart" piece. That blue "United States Army" patch seems to be one of those WW2 era patches that were available for purchase a
  4. These OG-107's were worn from 1952 into the 80's and perhaps even 90's. I think this specific one is from the 60's given the DSA prefix.
  5. Are you sure these are good? I thought there were only two known versions... A fully embroidered patch (supposedly made in France) and a bullion version.
  6. I was asking 600, but  Make me an offer.

  7. The English description of each cultural symbol makes me think this was made for tourists.
  8. Very nicely done! Thank you for showing. Do you have individual threads on these? I would love to know more about the recipients.
  9. I found a picture of Major Rice, as well as a copy of her personal diary's flyleaf:
  10. I thought this was a very interesting grouping, and am a bit surprised with the lack of input. Unfortunately I was unable to find much else on this WAC officer, but I'm sure there is more out there. Fold3 didn't turn up much, and I only found her name in several Army registers.
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