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  1. Thank you for the replys and information. You learn something everyday about items on this forum!!! ED
  2. Hello all, I'm in need of help to idenify this knife that I just picked up. I know just enough about them to be dangerous! It looks like a M-1 Garrand cut down thats been filled and altered. But you can't tell thats its been filled by looking at it, plus its chrome. And I think I've been told that if it has USA stamped, that its a after market piece? Please does someone have any ideas of what this knife could be? Or is it just what it says Any information will be very helpful. Thank alot, ED
  3. Great shows!!! I missed the first two, but wasn't going to miss these. I'm glad I tuned in at 7:00 , because my guide said it was on at 8:00. Great job all around, Bob and Owen are doing a fine service for our Military and the military collecters out there!! Hope they pick the show up so we can look forward to more of the same. Great job!!!!!! ED
  4. Hello all, Am looking for some answer as when and what is this round exactly, If its possible? It stands about 8 & 1/2 inches high and is 2 & 1/4 inches wide, at its widest point. It a solid casting with two pins at the front of the nose . I guess this has something to do with holding the fuse maybe??? There is a raised no. on its side 170133-R-1 So if anybody has any information on this item I'll will be thankful. Oh! I do have a lamp made out of this same round. But have no information on it either. Thanks for any comments.......ED
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all ! This menu was my Dad's from his 23 years service in the Navy, the USS Essex. One of many Aircraft Carriers that he served aboard. Enjoy. ED
  6. I found this at the swapmeet awhile back. Its a dinner tray with the USS Midway (41) early picture of her inside. Its made of aluminum and clear plastic and held together by screws.. Who ever owned it had it hanging on their wall, because of the wire they added to it. I'm wondering if they really used this aboard ship? Or do you think that the picture was added to it by maybe a sailor who already had this tray at home?? If anybody has any information on it, will be appreciated. Thanks, ED
  7. I guess I will be looking fdor a compass now. And hopfully I won't loose it?? Thanks guys, ED
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