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  1. Another fool and his money are quickly departed! I guess saying it is "rare" makes it rare! Should I unload the 4 I have on Ebay now? ROFL :hapy0004:
  2. Original news article here Original article from foxnews PARIS – It was a love token worn through the blood-drenched rice paddies and jungles of the Vietnam War. For Henri Huet, the Virgin Mary medallion was his one constant link to Cecile, the woman he loved. The celebrated Associated Press photographer carried it in his pocket or hung it around his neck. It was engraved for her baptism and when he left for the war, she gave it to him. On assignment, the military helicopter Huet was riding in got shot down over Laos. Huet was killed. The medallion the size of a penny disappeared
  3. If someone came to you, after seeing your collection , seeking guidance on how they can obtain a collection like yours. What advice would you give them. What reference material do you suggest they own in persuit of that goal?
  4. Another possiible solution to the mystery is that someone is using the photo's of an auction other than their own. Perhaps they are selling one similar saw the phot and grabbed it to use on their auction. Possible??
  5. 65 Years and Still! WWII Bomb Found In former Renault Assembly plant
  6. The Alamo Is all I can think of. Not much to purchase anything cept Margarita's and Fajita's
  7. I love that collection. I wish it was mine. On that last photo can you tell me how that rope was made?
  8. I was offered this Helmet at $100. However I have no idea of what it is, or value. Can someone shed some light in it?
  9. Anders this is for comparison only!! I am not an expert or even semi knowledgeable. I wish I had this helmet and the so called "Easy_Green" Helmet in my collection. The price was right plus they look good. Here is an old Easy_Green auction that has similar writing if a name as this helmet. Easy_Green EBay
  10. Yes that has been my only source. I have not subscribed to any search sites because this is the only piece I have that is named.
  11. I recently got this blouse from a friend in Ohio (Close to PA). He picked it up in a resale shop. Upon receiving it the best I could come up with in my research was to find only one soldier named Bednar that was in Vietnam. From "The Wall" I got this info which may be this fellow because of the proximity to PA that is was found. I am not sure if it is his because this blouse has seargent first class rank insignias on the collar and Stephen Andrew Bednar was a Specialist 4. Could this be an earlier blouse of his before promotion? If anyone can get more info on this blouse I would be greatly
  12. Did you read my first line? there are two other threads Maybe I should have posted the links to the other threads I apologize for not doing so. Thread 1 thread 2
  13. Two previous threads on this uniform from back in November. Is this third eBay listing the charm? Is it Live or is it Memorex??? $15,000 US?? Uniform on Ebay The seller is unknown to me. So I have no opinion about this seller or item . I just wanted to bring it into the forum to discuss. I believe what the seller states about the uniform. And I believe he is convinced it is what he says it is. You really can't argue with a top seller 1187 sales and a 100% rating. My only concern is it looks too new. It really cannot be verified. Even with a letter from someone who "found" it
  14. I purchased this at a garage sale today. I was told it was an Airborne beret from Vietnam Vet. I was told the beret came from a purchase of "rent due" storage facility. This and 2 beat up footlockers id all they kept. Personal letters to and from the soldier and papers were all discarded and they did not remeber the soldiers name. SAD! Upon bringing it home i researched the flash. It is the 1st Batallaion, 507th Infantry 1st Battalion 507th Infantry Lineage Constituted 24 June 1942 in the Army of the United States as Company A, 507th Parachute Infantry Activated 20 July 1942 at F
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