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    Things that go boom! And olive drab....
  1. What is the proper life preserver for US Navy F4 Phantom II pilots, Vietnam 69-73? I have been scouring my Navy F4 books but there is very little in the way of photos showing pilots in full kit in Vietnam. Also i have no reference book for this info. Thank you in advance.
  2. I hear ya. I only want one is the fuuny part. I need it to go with the ejection seat / mannequin/ kit combo i am putting together. Guess i will keep my eyes peeled on epay.
  3. Thanks everyone, i will update this post as it progresses.
  4. If i find a more than one, you will be the first person i contact. I only need one to go with my ejection seat i am putting together.
  5. Greetings group! Here are some photos of my MB H 7 bang seat i have started working on. I am in the process of gathering all the visible components for it so it appears as it would have to a pilot. Eventually i will put a pilot together as well. First the seat, then the pilot. Anyone have any spares for this Navy aft seat from an F4 Phantom II?
  6. Need a miniature regulator for the US Navy A13a mask assembly. Anyone out there have a spare for sale? If this is the wrong place to post my apologies.
  7. Here is a before i cleaned it shot.
  8. This is my APH-6 project helmet i won on epay. Needs a complete visor assembly and new foam for the ear cups. Also gonna need to source other parts. But this will be an interesting project. Only problem is its a size large. Some of the vendors i am looking at for parts do not have large visor covers.
  9. According to the BuNo. This seat came from a F-4 Phantom II.
  10. It is a Navy aft seat and is marked AFT with a Navy Bureau Number.
  11. Looking for help with my MB H7 ejection seat. I want to put it back as it appeared waiting for the pilot to strap in. Anyone out there own one as well? I am having a heck of a time trying to find a parts manual for this as well. Any help is appreciated.
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