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  1. It's certainly a cool item, but agree that shipping costs might be too much to justify shipping overseas.
  2. The Shako bears a pretty large hat badge, which looking at the mold could be pretty close. Pretty neat! Kyle
  3. Thanks, gentlemen. I saw that eBay listing and wondered if it was an enology or if that was the going rate.
  4. I’ve seen prices for these all over the board. Unmarked and in pretty good shape- most enamel loss in the back. thanks for any help!
  5. Thank you for the wonderful tribute to your buddy. Kyle
  6. Wow! Very cool, Dave. Thanks for showing us this man’s career.
  7. Mark, Thanks for posting this exceptional group. Appreciate both the detailed photos along with well-placed captions. Kyle
  8. Very cool - Thanks for sharing. These such stories are great to hear, as usually encounters that are not so nice are the ones reported. They made a good choice entrusting you. Kyle
  9. Very neat, Kurt! If you go onto the CWGC website they have a few more documents detailing his burial and the addition (or not) of his epitaph by the family.
  10. Thanks, Mark, for helping us to remember Sgt. Turkington.
  11. Hi Bee- as noted above Tom passed almost two years ago and his collection was subsequently sold. You might want to post in the “Family Seeking Assistance” thread and mention Zambrano’s full name, as these threads do show up in a google search. Perhaps whoever is currently taking care of the group will see it as they continue their Research.
  12. hard to know his crew position (pilot/ co-pilot, navigator, bombardier) until we start researching the name. Great set though - there's a great pinned thread about goldfish, caterpillar, etc in the medals section that should give you some starter info. Kyle
  13. Especially as a signalier - He might have spent time in Iceland or England, not earning campaign credits but certainly racking up the overseas time.
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