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  1. This is so neat to see - and well-timed on the 157th anniversary of his wounding. Thanks! Kyle
  2. Very nice lineup- he was a saver! It looks like the jacket on far right might be an Arctic Field Jacket as opposed to a M41. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Kicking this up in case someone has uncovered evidence or another example of the odd black diamond patch. Kyle
  4. What’s really neat is you have an Army Pilot with a navy Presidential Unit Citation and a gold star on his Air Medal. Army personnel wore oak leaf clusters but he must’ve received an Air Medal from the Navy as well. Would be interesting to review his papers! Thanks for showing this, it’s a really neat group. Kyle
  5. Sitting at a local bar and the owner has this hanging up amongst various other civilian and military items. Neat sign to an Indiana NG unit that was called up for Vietnam.
  6. Nice group- neat to have the original and replacement medals.
  7. Thanks for starting in on the details of his service and the objects that now tell his story!
  8. Thanks- You are absolutely right about the books. I wanted to prevent the military items from spilling to other rooms so only put in the books that I frequently reference in my office proper.
  9. Nice group- a lot to like such as the theater made insignia and ribbons as well as the numbered medals. The Air Medal’s early untitled case is in nice shape- thanks for sharing!
  10. This is great- something positive coming out this! Can’t wait to see more. Kyle
  11. This is a fantastic group with so much to like. Thanks for showing it and continuously bringing it up.
  12. Thanks Mark- my favorite part of this room is that almost every display is backed by original paperwork and photos. Those that arent have copies. This makes the room one of stories and history. Its easy to get lost reading about these heroes.
  13. Here's a closeup of the helmet lamp. Came from a friend who got it out of a catalog.
  14. Riker display - These were made by a friend for his museum. When he passed in 2008 they came into my collection. They work well for the standard riker.
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