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  1. This is the one I've had for a while, it is the "Klingsbo", a taller, larger version of the Detlof. What is nice is that it has 5 shelfs and is tall enough that you dont have to lean over to look at the top shelf. It's a bit more expensive ($129), but well worth it. I love this cabinet, but I am slightly biased...being a native Swede and all, which more or less makes putting together IKEA furniture part of my molecular structure Here is a link. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60128562
  2. Try eBay, they show up regularily, just be ready to pay up as they are not going cheap!
  3. Here's a couple of pics. The mount looks to be the same, the bracket in the pic looks to be a bit newer generation then that on the IBH.
  4. Pretty sure that's a Wilcox bracket and mount on the IBH and an ANVIS mount to the right of the helmet.
  5. Yea the Bravo 6 figures are really well sculpted! You might also want to check out New World Miniatures who recently released a Vietnam era Green Beret figure.
  6. A friend of mine works for Verlinden as their new in house sculptor, if you need anything let me know. As a side note, I used to work for VLS/Warriors back in the day before Squadron bought the company That's where I got my start as a commercial sculptor.
  7. Here are a couple of interesting links, seems like it is a USMC initiative to replace the LWH and the Army has agreed to buy it as well. Though it looks like it has hit a bit of a snag when it failed the USMC tests. http://plasticsnews.com/headlines2.html?id=17600 http://www.gentexcorp.com/default.aspx?pageid=2394
  8. Very nice find!! It is always a bit extra exciting when you find a good "hidden" deal, but even more so when it is a rarity such as this! I wonder if the arrow has any historic connection with the British markings on canteens during the Napoleonic Wars and the Victorian Era, when the canteens had an upward pointing arrow between the letters B and O, standing for Board of Ordenance.
  9. Thanks Gaz, I'm not planning on selling it anytime soon!! It is funny that the new velcro keeps getting brought back up since it was clearly stated it was used in Iraq with a different paintjob, and re painted once back in the US, and new velcro was added at this point. It was never claimed not to be newly refurbished, not by me, and not by the soldier who used it. If I didn't know Sgt. T, or the helmets history I suppose I would be a bit critical too, but it's too rare of a camo scheme to be faked. Remember, fakers copy what they see in pictures of SF Opeators etc.
  10. Thanks for clarifying B229, you are indeed correct, I just look at them as early and later, but I guess that is not really correct as its not really a version of the ACH bracket, rather one adopted to work with it. I have seen quite a few pictures of people wearing the "earlier" version bracket on their MICH helmets with the two prongs still attached, as well as some SF dudes use(d) them. They are really quite stable on the ACH with a little bending.
  11. Thanks Shawn! I am very excited to have added it to the slowly growing collection, and in the process I've become friends with Sgt. T. Without it's primary source history I'd be pretty skeptical, so I'm really grateful to have been able to get it and document it with the helmet.
  12. P-E, You can doubt all you want It was not an eBay "SEAL SF DEVGRU USED HELMET" bs listing. It is a 100% legit lid, straight from the source. Sgt. T never advertised it nor did he sell it to me at an expensive price, or tried to tell me tall tales etc. Besides if he was faking it, then he would have told me he was SF as they use these sorts of lids much more frequently then a scout sniper unit...which I didnt know until after I talked to him. There are pictorial evidence of other 10th Mountain Scout units using painted lids and costumzed gear. I found it as a small mention in a Ft B
  13. Thanks guys! The helmet has velcro, like a ton of other SF and non SF lids out there, and most of them black. It's used to mount identifications, IR strobes, blood types etc etc on it, and when in use probably wont see much of the black anyways. I asked him about it though, and his reply was simply that they used it for various things mentioned above, even to stick their gloves on there, which makes no sense to me, but whatever. He also said, as snipers they rarely used the helmet while in action, they were stored at 'caches' with the rest of the gear they were not needing at the time.
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