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  1. I think the best book book on the market is Timothy Klie ' s book "United States Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Emblem: 1868-1963 Pictorial Guide." You can order from Amazon or ebay. Read the feedback on Amazon - all five stars.
  2. Can you get a better close up photo of the hallmark?
  3. What a story ! Ourstanding ! You are one of the greats in keeping Marine Corps alive. Semper Fi ....
  4. I was humbled to be in the audience for Mike's retirement. Standing next to Mike and with Fred I felt like an impostor. I may have written a book but my knowledge of EGAs is limited compared to the masters gathered. Thanks to all for a great time at the HMMC.
  5. This is what make collecting EGAs fun. Happy New Year to all, and to all Semper Fi !
  6. Dating an EGA is more guesswork then a collector may think. I tried to give some insight on page 89 of my book about eras and patterns.True circa dates would be great if someone had access to the manufactures' records. The best evidence to establish a specific date are Marine photos. They give the collector an idea when the first variations appeared. An EGA patter may be manufactured for decades with numerous variations. Thus the ESH pattern 1892 appeared until after the 1937. However there were numerous variations: 1904, 1908, 1912, 1917, 1918, 1920, 1930. These variations are what make the h
  7. The first thing that strikes me is the rounded corners of the Flukes. Than the draping of the rope. I too believe this is a Frankenemblem: a mismatch of items to look like an EGA.
  8. Tim, do you think the hole between the legs is original or trenched? TK
  9. In Klie's book, look on page 214 top left grouping: "the "Beast." The collar emblems have the same styling, note the talons. You may have found a gem. If it is a match than you have one of the rear finds, congratulations!
  10. A outstanding EGA ... To help bracket it in a time frame: 1. on page 149 in Klie's book there is an ODH 1904 EGA that has the continent attached the same way as the photoed emblem above. 2. on page 16 Klie discusses the draping of the rope. The "j" as pictured indicates an EGA mfg between 1912 - 1937. 3. this style of Gaunt appears most often between 1912 - 1918.( note page 174 Klie's book) Given these 3 factors my guess is this emblem was manufactured pre WW 1 probably 1916-1918 Great find ... thanks for sharing ! s/f
  11. Outstanding !!! This set is one of the best I've seen. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Difficult to find, expensive to own, and a pleasure to see ... outstanding acquisition ! s/f
  13. I'm all for the forum and the discussions. Klie's book is a quick reference that should answer the basic questions like "is this a WW2 emblem or not?" The more profound questions of who manufactured, what variation, and is this the correct emblem for this uniform seem more appropriate for the forum. Just my thoughts.
  14. If you're reluctant to buy EGAs because of lack of knowledge invest in Klie's book USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor Emblem 1868 -1963 Pictorial Guide. The 3200 + pictures will help ID 90% of the emblems you may find.
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