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  1. The year must be either wrong or something else..the divisional symbol for the Das Reich division depicted I believe is '43 and after...
  2. Here's a neat photo of a Jeep presumably issued to the Soviets by the US, subsequently captured by the Germans and being used by the 2nd SS "Das Reich" Division..also note the captured Soviet submachine gun held by the SS trooper...
  3. Neat rig! Why do the clip-on straps have an OD 3 color? Aren't clip-on straps later from the VN era and in OD 7?
  4. This is beautiful stuff! I love these dioramas that cover scenes away from the "frontlines" esp. since this scene depicts a scene of guys who keep the guys at front going! Great work!
  5. Great work--really neat!
  6. Amazing display--thanks so much for posting!
  7. Great stuff and seller--thanks!

  8. Thanks for the interesting discussion. My big issue with the film Downfall, is the outright changing of the facts as to the outcome of many of the main characters in the film--including Junge. The first time I saw the film, I was entranced, but then the part where Junge and the young boy manage to walk through the Red Army soldiers unscathed and then literally ride off into the German sunset seemed a bit odd, given what we know was the fate of over a million German women in 1945. The reality was wholly different from the fictionalized ending as portrayed in the film. Together wit
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