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  1. Here is a coat I have with field improvised 1st Army Artillery insignia.
  2. Notice that a part of the belt uses a component of a Kerr rifle sling with the Nobuckl paptent date.
  3. Interesting. Some questions first - Bore size? Does the bore go all the way to the vent? Is the vent connected to the bore? Does the carriage use any metal other than Iron? (For example - pot metal, steel,? Any screws? Is that a cotter pin holding the wheels on? There is a possiblity that it was sold by Bannermans'. Have you seen any old catalogs?
  4. I've had these for decades but never been able ti ID them. Any ideas?
  5. Here are some pics of my USN DH-101 flash blindness protective helmet system. The shell is missing the liner (a replacement one disintergrated a decade or more ago), the pack on the cord and probably a few other things.
  6. The scale is in inches. I like to include something in photos.
  7. Way back around the early 1980s, I saw these goggles at an outdoor flea market (the old type which were basically combined yard sales). They were on a WW1 type m1910 Army hat. I asked to buy just the googles and they sold them to me. I hoped they were aviation goggles, but also wondered if they were motorcycle dispatch riders goggles. Can they be identified as a specific type?
  8. I have had these trousers. since the late 1970s. They are a small size and of rather lightweight twill fabric. The plastic buttons are smooth and unmarked. U.S. Civilians, or in-theater VN?
  9. I have owned these since at least the late 1970s but only recently been able to have it/them identified as Wilmer goggles.
  10. Why don't you provide the info on the maker's label? It is probably a tailor or military goods dealer in the New York City region. Also the Mohair trim, which was black originally has faded and quite possibly (judging from the photos) the thin piping was red before it faded too. Details, details.
  11. If you're from the Bronx, then you know the Kingsbridge Armory. It was the largest in the State (possibly country) for many years. The State built it for the N.Y. National Guard.
  12. It almost looks like it closes with snaps. How do they secure? Laces? Buttons? What kind of buttons? Maybe the pataent is for the method of closure/securing.
  13. Is that a plastic/nylon fly zipper? It doesn't look like metal.
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