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  1. Sorry to say I am just now seeing this post . Lt Gen. Carlos (Tote) Talbott passed away Thursday , Feb 26, 2015 in Arlington, VA. I could have asked him myself. He was my wife's uncle. I have several of his uniforms and other items he gave me when he sold his house in 2008. There were very few WWII items in the group I received so I cannot say for sure that it is his or not. Sorry He was a great guy who would spend every evening watch Jeopardy and wheel of Fortune on TV then going strait to bed afterwards. I asked him once when he was shot down what he thinking when the German pilot
  2. Just a guess but... Salvation Army ?
  3. Very nice German "Egg" Grenade with porcelain ball pull. Thank goodness the cap didn't come off. One yank and pow!
  4. Then It could also be "Westfront 1918" a German silent film. I remember the action with the plane, but can't remember what film it was in...hum
  5. Sounds like "Wings" with Clara Bow and "Buddy Rogers" with a short appearance of a very young Gary Cooper.
  6. Not surprizing , I was one of his customers and wouldn't recommend dealing with him , He tried to make some things right and other things he completely dropped the ball on. If your looking for stuff in the WW1 repro equipment line look into Schipperfabrik and Great War Militaria. Bob
  7. Not to mention French and British Airplanes , Tanks, Machineguns , Artilllery , Artillery Shells, etc. etc. etc.
  8. Yes I was thinking of opening it like that but chose to open it the way it was originally intended. I had I tough time doing that without breaking the soldered strip. Might try to rebuild it with a round block of wood on some other material inside and try and make it look complete. No threw the contents out. It looked like a compressed can of old leather with some sort of filler. The can is 4.25 inches in dia. and 2.5 inches thick.
  9. nah .....but it was only starting to rot. The rest smelled like wet shoe leather. :crying:
  10. It was full a few months ago, then a strange stench began coming from my collection and the 90+ year old tin had to be opened and cleaned. It was sealed in wax and in a temperature and humidity controlled room but the can was badly dented on one side and it was only a matter of time.
  11. The Reserve Ration, not to be confused with the Emergency Ration, consisted of a sealed galvanized steel container containing 25 pounds of meat in one pound cans, 25 pounds of hard bread in 8 oz cans and 25 rations each of soluble coffee, sugar and salt. Tobacco and cigarettes were also added. This is one of the 25 one pound cans of meat , marked Armour Beef Steak, Roasted. The can is 4.25 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in width . There is a soldered strip around the circumference of the can and a key much like the corn beef tins before pull tops. This how the can was opened.
  12. More than likely they were dumped in the ocean. Millions of surplus guns were disposed of in this manner. :crying:
  13. Not Yet but looking into F & I maybe next year .!!
  14. I'm Speechless !!! no wait a minute ....WOW !!!!! :w00t:
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