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    All things related to the 8th AAF. Aircraft and history. All aspects of the US military and the men and women who have made this country great, and free.

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  1. Every photo I post is a picture in my collection. I posses an actual period or original copy of each one.
  2. This is a very nice picture of a B-17 formation. The photo was taken on 30 Nov. 1944.
  3. This is a nice picture of LOOSE GOOSE a B-17E that flew from bases in New Guinea. She eventually ended up back in the USA only to be scrapped.
  4. Another picture of Lt. Thompson's P-47 and a model a friend made of the same plane.
  5. Here are a couple of B-17s in service with the Israeli air force. They actually flew bombing missions after their service with the USAAF.
  6. I know this is a known picture and has been reproduced in several books. The photo I have is marked on the back,"not for publication" and has a censors stamp. I think it is a first generation photo. One can only imagine what those young men are feeling as they live the last few minutes of their lives. Pretty sobering thought.
  7. I aquired this small group last year, it included about 300 personal photos and many personal items. It belonged to Lt. Leslie Thompson, later Captain Thompson. He was a pilot in the 405th FG 509th FS. Some of the pictures are amazing and I am glad I have the chance to preserve and share them. There are shots of him in 2 different P-47s and a P-51. His P-47s were named THE VIRGIN and I have pictures of him in both planes.Also there are photos of other planes and pilots in his squadron. At some point late in the war he went on to fly in the PTO.
  8. The one thing I am sure of is at the time this hat was part of a uniform there was a separate Air Force. The U.S. Army Air Force no longer existed. One small detail, but if it was a donation for charity who can be sure. If actually tied to Gen. Lemay it is an awsome piece.
  9. Hi Dan, I hope I never run out of B-17 pictures! I sort of got side tracked into pictures of PTO fighters, P-39,P-40,P-47, and even some P-38s.I always come back to the B-17 though. I thought this was a nice detailed picture with the tail number and name clearly visible. When I looked into it I learned that the 480BS was a medium bomber outfit, I think. This picture was most likely taken from a B-26 Marauder. These paper strip pictures are great to get as there is so much info already on the picture.
  10. Thank you Mr. Birdsall, I was hoping that you would see this. There are sooooo few early war photos of these early model B-17s, and an unofficial snap shot on top of that. In the time frame of this picture there could not have been too many operational B-17Ds left.
  11. I am asking for help and thoughts on this B-17D photo. When the war broke out The USAAF had roughly 60 B-17Ds in service, 18 were upgraded B-17Cs. This plane has a 3 color camouflage job. I am trying to figure out the location of this plane. Look at the size and construction of the hardstand, those are some large rocks in the background using the plane for scale. I feel it is either Hawaii or somewhere in the PTO, or even Australia. All opinions are welcome. Steve
  12. This plane is from the 25th FS 51st FG in the CBI. I was told that it is painted to resemble a saber tooth tiger.
  13. I really like the picture above. The young pilots looking "cool" hanging out with a P-40. The older I get, the younger these men look. So mature for their age and experiences, pictures like this will keep them young forever.
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