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    Mostly WW2 Army & Air Force patches, uniforms, gear, books, helmets,weapons,etc. Military aircraft, vehicles & weapons. Classic & antique vehicles; hoping to "someday" restore my '65 Chevy C-10 longbed Fleetside pickup.
  1. You guys got it all wrong...it's a ZAV (zombie apocolypse vehicle ).
  2. I would've bought it for $300! I paid that much for my new Rock Island 1911.
  3. He said his grandfather served in 1943.
  4. Jacka$$es are everywhere; every hobby, interest & profession imaginable. If you do something long enough, they'll find you.
  5. Ganster movie with Bogart & Cagney, can't remember the name, think it's The Roaring Twenties. Both are behind a wall in WW1 France. Bogart (with a sniper rifle): "There's a kraut out there filling up a canteen". Cagney: "He's a kid. Can't be more than 15". BANG! Bogart: "Looks like he ain't gonna see 16".
  6. Picked this up the other day. Seller said WW2. I have no idea. Paid $5.
  7. My Victory Model is in the 45,000 range with no US Property stamp. .38 special, 4" barrel, smooth walnut grips. Numbers match, even the grips. My first handgun, she'll stay with me til the end.
  8. The Devil's Brigade by Robert H. Adelman & Col. George Walton. So far, I'm 2 chapters into it. Kinda slow going since I don't really have alot of time. Plus I need reading glasses or my eyes water profusely...
  9. Here's a classic... The whole time Rafterman is about to lose his lunch... Door gunner: "You should do a story about me". Joker: "Why should we do a story about you?" Door gunner: "Cuz I'm so f...ing good. I got me 120 dead gooks killed". Joker: "Any of them women...or children?" Door gunner: "Sometimes" Joker: "How can you kill women...& children?" Door gunner: "Easy...just don't lead them as much. Haha. Ain't war hell?"
  10. Thanks. I looked around but couldn't find any history. Along with the patches posted here, there should also be a brief history, not just a pic. This is a reference section...
  11. 1065, B8, there are a few types. I have 2 sets of the variable density goggles, both made by American Optical (Type 74-G-79-40). I even have a Navy goggle for simulated blind flying with a blue lens (device No. 1-F-4b, Stock No. T93-G-563200, also by American Optical).. I have not participated in a CMP Garand match other than a CMP-sanctioned rifle clinic. The username was chosen to reflect my natural ability to hit what I aim at with the M1.
  12. For a standard AAF flight suit display, you can't go wrong with a set of AN6530 goggles (expensive), a set of RAF goggles, or a set of M1944 goggles (rubber) with the chamois lining. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken... BTW, the variable density goggles were also used for nuclear testing & if I recall correctly, were issued to the crew members of the Enola Gay & Bock's Car (and associated support aircraft). Not to mention also used in stateside gunnery training.
  13. Are these late WW2 or post-war? I see them around, but have not yet added one to my collection.
  14. Great job on the custom mods & weathering!
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