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  1. Those are crisp. Very nice!
  2. I'm sure that the lids got mixed up often during many years of usage, and that's why you see the combo of enameled lids on bare metal mermites, and vise versa. Below is an example of one a good friend of mine just picked up, or should I say stole, as he only paid $40 for it. ​
  3. Thanks. I truly believe there is no rhyme or reason to the usage of enameled vs bare metal. It may be something as simple as cost. Im sure the enameling process may have cost a tad more than just leaving it bare metal. It may also be manufacturing differences. Who knows??? Here are a couple of pics of mine. The one on the left is original paint, while the one on the right I had to strip and repaint, because of all the layers of house paint that had been applied to it over the years. You can also see that on one of mine the lid is bare metal, and has no manufacturer name embossed w
  4. A couple of good shots here. You can see in the bottom pic, that the mermite is bare metal, and not enameled.
  5. Yep, like the others have stated, its a first pattern Makinaw. Just out of curiousity, is there a size tag on it anywhere?
  6. Wow, what a great piece! Congrats.
  7. Wow! Out of the box, and all layed out. That's an awesome pic!
  8. Wow! Sweet find! I have been lucky enough to find something good clothing before at vintage clothing stores, but a jump jacket, uh, no. Lol
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