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  1. If you want to believe it's "advisor" that's cool. To most everyone else it's just hunting clothes. Was some civilian hunting clothing worn in VN, yes. Does that mean any and all civilian hunting clothing is military or VN used, no.
  2. Actually, you can see where the sleeves were sewn together originally. What you are seeing is the factory zigzag stitching that would have been hidden inside the shirt. Maybe someone was trying to gain a bit more room on a tight fitting shirt?
  3. One I found last Dec. Not my thing to collect but I grabbed it as trade bait.
  4. Spike

    Beret correct ID

    MattS, it has a DSA. I think DSA went until 77, after that DLA.
  5. I don't have a problem with it.
  6. Can you show the front of the shirt, laid out on the floor?
  7. Show the whole jacket please.
  8. Might as well add my ERDL berets, 2 poplin and 1 ripstop.
  9. I had a second pattern green jungle jacket with the same labels as shown and when I put it next to a US made one there were some differences.
  10. Maybe someone else would know better but I don't think this type was US made.
  11. The colors almost have that invisible pattern hue. This isn't a US made jacket as the size tag had UK and Canada. I have had a shirt with this same tag and it was made differently though slightly. Great shirt.
  12. Looking forward to this book for sure.
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