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  1. MAYbe late 70's, no way 60's.
  2. OG 107 shirt and pants. I'll dig them out.
  3. The shirt with the Liaison patch is trying to be sold on a FB page.......https://www.facebook.com/groups/368647170717731/?hc_location=group
  4. I have a pair of pants with his name on them and possibly a shirt as well. I got them together.
  5. I know that name. A plank owner with SEAL Team 2.
  6. There was a group of LDNN brought over and trained in Roosevelt Roads in 1971. I have pics of these guys during their training and I have a roster of the guys somewhere.
  7. Just when I thought I've seen every type of LDNN pocket hanger. I received this from an LDNN advisor who was a replacement for another advisor in 1971. I always though these pocket hangers were made from printed patches.
  8. These tigers are in an OG107 cut that everyone seems to not notice.
  9. Looks like a commercial hunting shirt that has been modified. You can tell by the stitch marks that the lower pockets were just moved up.
  10. The lower pockets were just moved up to the chest.
  11. I found these last year in a thrift store while out on tour. 10R, dated 1990.
  12. The UDT Tridents were issued from late 70 until around 72-ish. After that the gold Trident was use used to all UDT and SEAL Team personnel.
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