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  1. Would Techninicans be tasked with demolition during D-day or would that be left solely up to engineers?
  2. Wow. Great set up. Love all the mannequins!
  3. Of course its up to you as its your display, but I agree. Bandoleers, IMO, really add a nice finish to corresponding gear displays. Really like the 1940's era looking torso stand as well. Did you add something to the neck to allow it to support a helmet or did it come that way?
  4. Such a simple display but I could stare at it for hours. Very nice work and inspiring. I've been working on a D-day display, similar in concept to yours, for over a year now and am almost finished. A little curious as to why you used a pistol belt instead of a 1923 M1/Springfield ten pocket type. Just personal peference I guess?
  5. Okay, so I was removed the rust from the metal ordiance band and hook with some Hoppes oil and 0000 grade steel wool. However, I belive I've also removed some of the parkinization (spelling?) as the band is now too shiny, light looking. I was suggested to use Birchwood Casey Super Blue to get the band a shade or two darker and parkerized looking. I plan to do this tomorrow after work. Any suggestions/thoughts on me doing this? Thnaks in advance
  6. Hi, I purchased a 1943 era 10' bayonet and the scabbard has light to moderate surface rust on the 'ordiance stamp band' and its VERY jarring to me and for the display purpose I need it to fill. I was wondering how to go about removing said rust. I am a total noob and know nothing of this matter. Don't wish to scratch or damage it. Is it possible to use steel wool and NOT create all those criss cross scratch patterns?? Please help. Thank you in advance
  7. I looked through that 'Spearheading D-day' book and I saw a few instances of 1st Infantry soldiers on D-day (or preparing to leave for) wearing goggles. Not many, but differently a handful. There was even a squad of Rangers that had a rifleman spotting a pair. While they may have not been practical or prevalent, some soldiers on D-day certainly did wear them.
  8. Yeah, I know it would not have been the 'norm' for a first wave assault troop to be wearing/carrying goggles w/ them, but at least in this pic it is apparent that some of them did: One soldier is wearing them while you can clearly make out the shape of a pair in another's meat can pouch of his haversack. its definitely, in this case, an ascetic choice on my part as I think they'll make my D-day mannequin look more 'interesting' as its just an extra piece of equipment for visitor's to take in/learn about.
  9. Excellent. Will certainly be careful with it once it arrives. Final, unrelated, question if you don't mind -- is it too contrived to include a paratroop first aid pouch on a Ranger D-day mannequin. I've been told Rangers did use them, but just how common would this have been? Did other infantrymen from other units use them as well? Thanks again
  10. Cool. From what you can tell from this pic, what were the straps made out of? This one almost looks like a black rubber-y band. is this correct? May purchase this pair from someone. Thanks again for the information.
  11. Thanks for the swift reply. So, the grey Polaroids would be correct? Did they come w/ various lenses? Are these them?
  12. I mean first wave troops (Rangers, 1st infantry, 29th, etc)? Whats the difference between B 8 goggles and M-1944's? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the interest. I have started getting some stuff for this display, but have gotten sidetracked by numerous side projects along the way plus a reluctance to purchase genuine WWII militarilia online as it almost NEVER photographs the way it looks in person. I hate to say it but I'm definitely a "color nazi" -- I like my web gear to look good together and have gone through at least two sets of first aid pouches and canteen covers because the color of the canvas did NOT match my expectations/that of the photos of them I saw online. I also want to state that this mannequin
  14. Hi, I'm planning on doing a 2nd Ranger/SPR mannequin display for my office/entertainment room. He is going to be dressed for D-day w/ a ATF Assault Vest. I already have a mannequin picked out (this torso one) http://www.ebay.com/itm/PETER-HALF-MANNEQU...=item2c540a7936 I've begun buying up the needed pieces: M1 Helmet, Canteen, Vest, etc... But am a little uncertain. I already bought the vest (a size large) and an original wool shirt (size 16) but am wondering that these garments (including the yet to be purchased HBT and m41 jackets) may be too large for this mannequin. I'm a thin guy (m
  15. Hi, I was looking to put together a 2nd Rangers/D-day Demolition soldier impression. My questions are: Would there be a demo soldier deployed among the first waves of soldiers on D-day from the 2nd Rangers? Would he wear an assault vest or traditional haversack? Would he have a Tech grade like, say, a T-corporal? How many satchel bags could he carry? Would they be M-37's? Are the bags relatively easy to come by? Do they make fake C4 blocks to but in them? What weapon would he have? Regular M1 Garand? M1 carbine? Sorry for the onslaught of questions, didn't know where/whom else to as
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