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  1. Yeah, the helmet's chinstraps look like vietnam era and the liner chin strap looks repro.
  2. Interesting. Any place/link for further information pertaining to this gentleman?
  3. Somehow left out 'The Longest Day'. Add that to my list.
  4. Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions. Though I feel like I may have unintentionally mislead y'all as the helmet is a post war helmet painted to look like a WWII pot. It was just a preference that the NCO bar be removed for my display purposes. Though now I am considering just leaving it after all. Though its good to know I have a few options *if* I ever decide to try to remove it. Mike
  5. How have I not heard of this? As a lover of war films and asian cinema I must check this out... Thanks
  6. Saving Private Ryan The Thin Red Line (1998) -- I know many would argue if this even constitutes as a "war movie" lol but I love it Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War) - Korean film that revives 'Ryan' in the human drama and intense action caterigories
  7. Sure will. Finished a while ago. Pretty darn happy with how it came out. Will post pics soon. Just have to upload them..
  8. I would roll it around in the dirt, throw some pebbles/small rocks at it, rub white charcoal ash over it, leave it in the sun a bit, stuff like that.
  9. I really admire what you are doing and look forward to seeing the final product/and/or a display. Keep us posted! Mike
  10. Very Nicely put together! Great way to honor all past and present Devil Dogs!
  11. Love the USMC helmets... I need to get me one one day.
  12. Hi guys, I'm still pretty confused... So if doing a Ranger D-day mannequin display he could have Tech rates/ranking and not nessescarily need any additional personalized gear (medical supplies, demolitions, radio etc) aside from his regular assault gear? After Christmas I'll HAVE to seek out those books. Thanks in advance
  13. I have a M1 helmet that the previous owner applied white tape to the back of for NCO identification. I want to remove it but its leaving little gummy spots. How to remove this without damaging/removing the paint to the helmet? Thank you
  14. I'm sorry for asking the same question in multiple threads but I never seem to get a 100% defining answer. Would a Technician 5th grade be part of the first wave of troops among the 2nd rangers during D-day? If so, would/could be be equipped in just regular field gear or would he have something special with him? I.E. a radio or be a medic, etc? Could he be dressed just like a basic rifleman? What are some of the tasks they'd be required to do that day (June 6, 1944)? I know some of these anwsers can be found in the Spearheading D-Day book but it'll be a while before I can pick up a
  15. Love it! Whats the black clinder on the top of the back pack? And where did you get the dummy 30 06? I need to fill up some bandoleers of my own. Great piece. museum quality!
  16. Great! Did you ever get this moved to a full mannequin? Just curious.
  17. Yes, I am most familiar w/ that book -- although for some reason I don't yet own it. And yeah, perhaps that was a dumb question regarding the fuses haha. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks again for the information. I definitely need to get that book one day. Cheers, Mike
  18. Okay. Cool. VERY informative. I thank you for that. I was asking pertaining a D-Day Ranger Mannequin display I've been working on. "He" is a Tech Corporal and I'd like him to have two Demo Satchels slung over his shoulders. Would the bags have the 'pull fuse' afixed already to the charges or would that have been done on the beach? I've seen a few examples of soldiers carrying them inside of their helmet. For display purposes, would this also be appropiate/authentic? Last, potentially ignorant sounding, question if I may: I STILL don't fully understand what exactly would sort of tas
  19. What about those of the Rangers on D-day? Would any of them have been equipped w/ say satchel TNT bags?
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