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  1. Feel I must chime in. I used to work there (2009-2011). I was part of the opening ceremonies (back in June 2000) as a teenaged re-enactor (THAT was an exciting time!! I got to 'hand deliver Stephen Ambrose a personal message during a beach landing public re-enactment). Even as a teenager in '00, I was less than impressed w/ the artifacts, exhibits as I think, as a re-enactor, I was used to being around this stuff. To this day it STILL bugs me how barebones some of there mannequin displays are. Their Invasion US Soldier's helmet doesn't even have chin straps. Nor does he have a first ai
  2. Second. The first line up is okay, but a little 'boring' in the way of aesthetics...
  3. VERY impressive collection/display room! Looks like you got a mini museum there haha. Nice work!
  4. Its part of the opening montage from Wolverine:X-Men Origins and YES I'm embarrassed to admit I know that!
  5. Just finished watching this for the first time. Sure, they took a lot of liberties with certain accounts of history and it was super thick on the melodrama, but I thought, as a MOVIE, it was an excellent action/drama/sports/friendship/war story! Excellent cast and acting and directing.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Will update once I'm satisfied with progress. Was going to put a unit original WW2 patch on it. Should I do this after wearing it out or let the patch get worn with the jacket? Thanks
  7. So, as long as I just 'wash' them by hand in cold water there's no chance the wool lining with shrink up? Will try this method as i was thinking of doing so. Thanks for the feedback, Mike
  8. Was looking to artificially age a newly acquired M41 jacket I purchased from ATF. Don't want to destroy it, just add a little character/wear/age to it. This is for a mannequin display; not trying to pass anything off as 'original' or anything... Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  9. No, just press lightly w/ the steel wool and you should be fine. Hope the process works for you as well as it did for me. :-)
  10. I guess it is worth stating that the inside of the helmet is rusted from the Irish sea from shooting the film in 1997/98. While the helmet *is* a genuine WWII pot, it was definitely repainted for production. So I guess that makes the rust about 14 or 15 years old; if that matters. While I value everyone's input, it seems perhaps its best to just leave the helmet alone as it? Again, the pre-existing rust doesn't bother me too much, its just the thought/fear of it worsening in time. I'd just hate to try to 'remedy' the situation and end up doing something counterproductive. I'm
  11. Here's some pictures of the helmet. There's surface rust all over the inside but there's also one particularly bad looking circular spot that is almost smooth and darker in texture. I fear that 'spot' is the weakest/most damaged and to rub/wipe it with a pad or steel wool might cause a break in the metal. Perhaps I'm being overly nervous. It just looks like that spot has been chemically/structurally compromised. I dunno. Gently wiping/coating the inside with Windex would/could prevent any worsening? Cosmetically, it doesn't bother me the rust as it'll never be seen once display
  12. Hi, So i just got the helmet in today and it is indeed is an actual ww2 front-seam production used 29th ID painted helmet from Saving Private Ryan -- which is awesome. However the rust inside DOES look pretty bad. Being that it'll never be seen once I put a liner in it it honestly doesn't bother me -- cosmetically -- but I AM worried that it may worsen/possibly bleed through to the top in time. So I guess I'm going to look into trying to remove it/stop it from worsening. I'm just afraid I may inadvertently screw it up/make it worse. Suggestions? This is something I should do, righ
  13. Hi, First off, I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions and feedback. The helmet in question is a prop helmet claimed to be used in 'Saving private ryan'. Being that I'm putting together a 29th ID D-day mannequin for my office I figured why not go after this one as it was, IMO, priced right and was after all the exact thing i was trying to emulate/honor with my display. Plus, it sound cliche but SPR is my favorite film of all time so this was just a great deal for me IMO. From what I know, everything seems legit as far as this item being an actual prop from the film. The
  14. So, it would be worth it to try to remove it then? Thanks
  15. Would this be to prevent further worsening/spreading or just a personal preference?
  16. Would this be to prevent further worsening/spreading or just a personal preference?
  17. So... if kept strictly indoors it shouldn't ever worsen/spread?? The Neil Young stuff kinda threw me off.
  18. Hi, Thinking of buying this M1. Only concern is that the inside looks like THIS: If well taken care of and always left inside my home, is there any chance the rust would/could "bleed through" to the top/outside of the helmet and/or worsen?? Sorry if this question sounds ridiculous, I'm not knowledgeable about such things. Thanks! Mike
  19. I get an eerie feeling as I go through some of these pics as they truly look THAT GOOD. I can't imagine how terrible trench warfare must have been but admire this display as something of a window to a part of history I am, sad to say, not as schooled in as I'd like to be. Bravo!
  20. Here's pictures of how the bayonet came out, starting with how it looked when it was first purchased. The throat/ordinance stamp/belt hook part of the scabbard was badly covered in light rust. I removed it with some Hoppes oil and light grade steel wool and removed the rust with relative ease, but I stripped away all the patina (parkerization), so I bought some Birchwood Casey Bluing liquid and applied it with a cotton ball then hit it with some Break Free and lightly rubbed it down a little with some of the steel wool to make it look not too perfect/shiny new and -- voila! I'm pretty pl
  21. "The Thin Red Line" -- Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blom Mi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urRjuCWDnzs Instrumental Version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdrF7I87fd4 Stirring, beautiful music IMO.
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