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  1. Also -- Anything that works to quickly dull/lightly coroid chrome button snaps?? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. This is for a costume I am working on, BTW -- so no value loss by me doing this to the holster in question. I have some Kiwi brand Mink oil and Galco brand liquid leather conditioner at home. Would that work? Or should I just seek out some Neats Foot oil or Saddle soap and if so -- where, besides amazon, could one find some? Thanks again, Mike
  3. Hi, I'm trying to soften, make limp, a leather strap on one of my leather holsters and was wondering what would be the best product or technique for achieving this? I'm not worried about accidentally ruining or damaging item as I need/want it to look weathered. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. I'd say just go w/ a repro brassard if you decided to add one as they, both real and repro, tend to rip, crease up real easily.
  5. Looks good. Is it possible to get bigger pics as to see the details? What mannequin did you use? This model looks a lil' familiar... Two quick thoughts -- maybe put a net on his cover and give 'em an gas brassard? I'd also like to see what he's got goin' on on his back. Nice lookin' display.
  6. EDIT photo re-upload link: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mab57xx6b41qgjxe2o2_1280.jpg RAF crew sweater, eh?
  7. I'm considering going as Harrison Ford's character from 'Force 10 from Navarone' for Halloween as it seems like a relatively cheap set to put together and I like the film, but I'm not sure what kind of turtleneck he is wearing? It appears just to be an OD wool thick collared one but am having trouble finding one on the internet. Is this a genuine WWII GI issued item (the turtleneck sweater) or is it British or other? Thanks for any assistance, Mike
  8. Hi, I've seen SPR probably literally 100 times since its release in '98, I like to think by this point I have a pretty good basic knowledge about WWII US field gear/equipment. One thing though that's never been verified, to my knowledge at least, is why Medic Wade (played by Giovanni Ribisi) wears two bandoleers around his neck throughout the film. I always just assumed they were just stuffed with extra Carlisle packs in place of ammo clips; just wondering if anyone else wondered this and confirm confirm/correct this line of thinking. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes, the brutality that was resorted to in the Pacific Theater was quite disturbing/horrific.
  10. Hello! As a resident of New Orleans, LA I took my wife to the National World War II Museum for its D-Day 70th Anniversary Celebrations. I've been to the museum literally DOZENS of times, but today was her first so it was fun getting her thoughts on the exhibits and special events of the day. The pinnacle was a Discussion Panel of five D-Day veterans -- the youngest of which was 89!! These men had some fantastic stories and were quite sharp and entertaining speakers. Truly evoked a sense of pride and patriotism to hear these men speak so humbly about their experiences. I have a few
  11. I've had a D-Day mannequin display for my home office in the works for well over two years now... Just other "obsessions" keep getting in the way of me finishing it. I now have all components/items needed (mannequin + equipment/uniform), I just need to purchase a sturdier, metal, stand to support the weight of all the gear he will be wearing. I had *hoped* to have him completed and ready for display by Friday (the 70th anniversary) but it appears he'll have to wait another month or so. He is a private in the 29th ID and his helmet was screenused from "Saving Private Ryan" and is in VER
  12. Didn't read all the comments, but you could just have him w/ his hands in his pants pockets? Maybe attach a cigarette to the mouth for a cool 'R&R' look?
  13. Looks good! I love a good ol' fully geared up full size mannequin.
  14. My wife had to accept/come to terms w/ my whole mannequin 'display' obsession haha... I'm maxed out by four though!
  15. So, the basic OD Tee was NOT worn under one's uniform in WWII...?? Thanks in advance
  16. Looking for an OD green T-shirt undershirt WWII era for a mannequin display -- not a tank top or white T. Repro would do. Thanks in advance.
  17. Just buy repro boots for your fullsized if you're worried about sizing/damaging authentic WWII footwear. I have a Websters torso mannequin -- I love it -- but if I could go back in time I would've bought a full sized.
  18. Nice! Great, simplistic yet eye-fetching, set up!
  19. Ok. Cool. Thanks for the advice. Mike
  20. Ah. Well, if I've purchased mint unused M1 bandoleers from WWII with flattened, unused cardboard inserts inside them. Surely if, after 70 odd years of sitting in there, if the cardboard inserts haven't done anything to the fabric of the bandoleer then they should pose no serious threat, no?
  21. I don't follow... So storing inert M1 ammo in enblocs in cardboard sleeves inside mint bandoleers can cause damage to the fabric of the bandoleers?? Someone PLEASE explain/help. Thanks in advance, Mike
  22. The person who linked me to those trimline stands said he uses them for his Webster gear displays... so I hope he's right!
  23. ^ This is the EXACT mannequin I purchased from Websters to display my full gear D-Day assault 29th ID soldier with. The wooden stands they come with are a JOKE. I was recommended by a fellow collector to buy one of these metal stands from here: http://www.mannequinland.com/jerseyform.htm TrimLine BoldLine Brushed Metal Bases 10" x 26" High ...as they seem to do the job well. I haven't purchased one yet myself but I plan to real soon. I'll post a review/update when I do.
  24. I'm not sure I understand the danger of the cardboard embloc sleeves... Does this 'rule of thumb' apply the same to inert 30 cal ammunition in M1 bandoleers?
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