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  1. For Justin B: Would you mind if I copy your warrant timeline graphic? It would be for my records only, not for redistribution.
  2. Wow! The first and last WO1 I saw in my career was my division officer at NAVSECGRU Dept of NAVCOMMSTA Philippines in 1971. He had been a CTR1 when promoted to warrant officer.
  3. You are correct in thinking the white rates are all carpenters mates. The blue one, however, is a shipfitter (a metal worker). The dates and the company mark are fairly common for that era. While it may be true that some collectors put a small premium on the original packaging, I think they are in the minority. For me, that cellophane packaging is simply a nuisance. Hope this is helpful info.
  4. The rate is an Aviation Quartermaster second class. It was used between about 1918-1921, so it falls between WW1 and WW2. It isn’t a high value item but it’s a nice looking rate.
  5. The pieces in your first post are Navy Nurse Corps. In the second post: - The one with caduceus superimposed on anchor is U.S. Public Health Service. - The pair to the right of the U.S. C&GS are USN Supply Corps. - The stars are USN line officers. - The one in the cellophane is not easy to see but looks like USN Civil Engineer Corps. - The three-bladed propeller indicates USN Machinist warrant officer (or possibly an engineer in one of the other sea services). - The silver crescent moon looks like an Army Transportation Corps steward insignia. - Have no idea what the
  6. You did a fantastic job! Lots of information and pretty color pictures, too. Could not ask for more. Thank you for your efforts.
  7. Thank you for the nice comments. For Justin B. — Any chance you’re the Justin B who created the history of rates documentation on uniform-reference.net?
  8. Here are some 1886-1893 rates I found at a recent show. This is post 1 of 4.
  9. Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I appreciate the info.
  10. Want to show an error I have not seen before. Photo shows a Navy/USMC Aviation Observer (Navigation) badge sold recently on eBay. It was in pristine condition and mounted on a Meyer card. I almost went after it but noticed the lettering on the shield is a mirror image of what it should be. I think it unlikely that Meyer produced this device with that sort of error.
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