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  1. While I am it, I had also picked up another of their cap badges. This one is in mint condition and came with 2 decals.
  2. I think there was a large thread on this group a few years ago, but could not find it. Anyway, I picked up this complete deck of playing cards a few days ago. Has the insignia of the Massachusetts Women's Defense Corp Schools (MWCDS) on it. I believe they were the forerunner of the Massachusetts Women's Defense Corp (MWCD). There were about 100 of these schools spread across the Commonwealth to teach women about various things they should know to help in the war. They later morphed into the MWCD when the Dept of Public Safety took them over. Frank
  3. Thanks for the comments. What does the "MEF" stand for - is it Marine Expeditionary Force ?
  4. Have certificates his other awards, shoes, T-shirts including the one below. Nice rolling bag with original price tage of $79.95.
  5. On a hunch, stopped at a shop I frequent. Owner knows I collect "military stuff". She had this lot of Marine uniforms that she had stored in a damp basement. So I had to rescue them - and I don't even collect Marine items. Must be most evrything he came home with after 10 years service.
  6. Born 7/5/1921 Clintonville, WI Died 6/25/2006 Tinley Park, Cook County, IL Married 5 Oct 1944 Bernalillo, NM (while at training base ?? ) service dates 25 Mar 1942 to 9 Nov 1945 Nothing about ranks - joined as enlisted, then commissioned??
  7. KALMES, JOHN J. KALMES, JOHN J. Chicago Tribune (IL) - June 27, 2006 John J. Kalmes, Veteran of WWII, beloved husband of the late Lillian J., nee Peterson; loving father of Rita Ann (David) Meseberg, Nancy (Frank) Poremski, Robert (Kathleen E.), Michael (Yumi) Abrams and the late John J. Kalmes; proud grandfather of Mark, Monique, Matthew, Robert, Rachel, Anne Nicole and Colin; dear brother of Richard (late Doris), Mary (John) Cook, Anne (James) LaMarre and the late Thomas (Barbara); brother-in-law of Larraine Peterson; fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. Funeral Wednesday 9:30 a.m. from
  8. Could find a Bertha Glick, born 11/30/1916 NYC died 12/16/1999 prob in Boynton Beach, Fl. 1940 Bronx census has parents as William and Anna both born Russia (could be Poland or some other Russian territory at time of their birth in 1880s) Sister: Lillian (1915-1976), Florence (1919-?), Pearl (1981-1997) Married to Irving Weinstein ( ?- 2016) married in 1956
  9. Sweetheart (?) or Son in Service(?) pin that was also in group.
  10. His discharge and picture of Nitro in China pre-war
  11. His ship "Nitro" on 1940 Xmas card and certificates
  12. His self-framed medals. Good Conduct Medal is not named.
  13. Saturday I was able to get a grouping from an estate sale of a WW2 Navy man. It included his medals (1980's replacements), framed discharge, 2 certificates of schools (one as torpedoman) and some framed pics of ships he was on. He was on the USS Nitro (AE-2), USS Hamul (AD-20), USS Solar (DE-221) and one other. He joined in 1940 and was discharged in 1946. Also included was this commissioning pennant showing use. Sorry about the pic with it on the floor. No disrespect meant, but only place to show it by length which is just over 6'. More pics to follow... How scarce are
  14. Local newspaper articles may have some info on his career. Can try the local library if close by to see if have newspapers in file or the newspaper itself if still in business. Paid source on-line would be Genealogy Bank. com PM me if you want me to look him up. I have a subscription. Frank
  15. prob WW1 or slightly earlier. Looks like enlisted man - maybe officer candidate. Not that up on German uniforms.
  16. I would take a guess and say the color scheme would be like this pic, and prob Prussian. The shoulder boards would most like have the number of the regiment he belonged and possibly the Prussian crown.
  17. I would take a guess and say the color scheme would be like this pic, and prob Prussian. The shoulder boards would most like have the number of the regiment he belonged and possibly the Prussian crown.
  18. USMCR79 You are prob right. Found an article from 2/1/1919 about the 56th. Lists him as being gassed in the middle of Aug 1918 at Chery Chartreuve on the Fismes front. Thanks a lot. Looks like he died 7/7/1954 in Waterbury Will see if I can get his records. Frank
  19. Had trouble posting these before. Thanks for the fast reply, will check him out
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