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    I collect 20th century US Army uniforms. I especially enjoy those attributed to Army general officers. I also do research on RA officers. I edited FOOTLOCKER, the quarterly newsletter of the Association of American MiIlitary Uniform Collectors from its founding in 1977 until 2010.

    I also belong to Great Lakes MIlitary Collectors Assn (Toledo) and Ohio Valley Military Society.

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  1. Camp Perry near Port Clinton, Ohio, was a WW2 POW camp. It had been an Ohio NG base before the war, and after. It is also the site of the NRA's national rifle match. They have a museum so perhaps they could provide the info you seek. Gil
  2. Sad to hear. He was a great guy and fine dealer. Rest in Peace. G
  3. THe upper right patch is indeed BSA -- Worn by Explorer Scouts in the late '50's and early '60's
  4. GIl Sanow

    Colonals Uniform

    Given that the bright gold trim appears to be a synthetic, probably nylon, and not bullion, I would date this as '60's or later. Gil
  5. Neat. My great great grandfather, Pvt Daniel Sanders, Co I, 203rd PVI, served in the XXIV Corps too, but he never got such a badge -- he died of typhoid about a week after Lee's surrender. G
  6. US Regs said no insignia was to be worn on white helmets. Xed rifles indicates Infantry branch. I notice also that the eagle has painted details. Never saw that before. I am wondering if this is a state militia piece. Metal GO stars like this were not made that early. Stars were typically embroidered and worn on shoulder straps only. Later metal stars were typically false embroidered style - early 1900's. G
  7. I see neither SI nor o/s chevrons, so he was probably stateside unless the photos was taken before he went overseas. G
  8. Is there a shoulder patch? If so, overseas. Any overseas chevrons on the cuff? G
  9. BSA Smoky Bears will have BSA insignia embroidered in the cap band if it is a boy's, It will have a leather band, also with BSA logo, if an adult's. BSA wears NO cords. G
  10. It shows Benjamin Franklin who founded the Pennsylvania Associators, the voluntary militia during the French and Indian Wars. Pennsylvania, founded by pacifist Quakers had resisted creating a militia which required all males to participate, so the Associators were strictly volunteers. Three of my ancestors served as Bucks County Associators in 1776 and two continued to serve after March 1777 when the Pennsylvania militia was formed. (The third was over 60, so did not.) Franklin is remembered as the founder of the PA NG predecessor. G
  11. Orange and red are Signal Corps colors. This is an EM's, probably private purchase. G
  12. Buttons appear to be pre 1912 rimless type. I would think Home Guards might well have been issued obsolete uniform parts. G
  13. My great great grandfather, Daniel Sanders of Northumberland County, PA was drafted 4 times. He and his two brothers agreed he should stay home and look after all three families after they volunteered. He hired substitutes 3 times when drafted, but went on active duty when drafted the fourth time in the fall of 1864 at the age of 35 and with 4 children, serving with the 203rd P.V. I. He was involved with the siege of Richmond, then was shipped to North Carolina where his regiment was part of the attack on Fort Fisher. He came down with typhoid fever, was sent to an Army hospital in New York where he died about 10 days after Lee's surrender. G
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