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    I collect 20th century US Army uniforms. I especially enjoy those attributed to Army general officers. I also do research on RA officers. I edited FOOTLOCKER, the quarterly newsletter of the Association of American MiIlitary Uniform Collectors from its founding in 1977 until 2010.

    I also belong to Great Lakes MIlitary Collectors Assn (Toledo) and Ohio Valley Military Society.

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  1. I passed his uniform and photo on to another collector several years ago. G
  2. I suspect Row 3, #1 should have been American Campaign instead of American Defense. Perhaps he bought the wrong ribbon G
  3. A friend recently gave me his father-in-law's USAF uniform to sell, but I cannot ID all of the ribbons on it. He was a Chief Warrant Officer & Pilot, apparently serving from the end of WW2 through Vietnam. The ribbons are shown here as they appear on the uniform, but I suspect some are out of proper order. Here is what I think I see: 1. – Bronze Star – USAF Commendation 2. – Army Commendation – Dist Flying Cross (2 Plms) — Army Good Conduct ( ) 3. – Am. Defense Svce – WW2 Victory – Vietnam Svce (*) 4. – Nat’l Defense Svce (*) – Korea Svce — ????? 5. –
  4. I'll be there with 3 tables full of stuff. Looking forward to it. Gil
  5. To my knowledge, the US Army only used green loops for combat leaders. If you have encountered red, yellow and dark blue loops, I believe these are part of the post 1980's Boy Scout uniform. Red used to be worn by Boy Scouts, now they wear a different shade of green, more olive, from the Army version. A darker green is worn by Venturers. Dark blue is worn by Webelos Scouts who wear the khaki shirt as do adult leaders. Silver gray is worn by Council level adult leaders, while golden yellow is worn by Area, Regional and National leaders.
  6. I have a copy of Stacey's book available. I think I had him autograph it. Gil
  7. The Boy Scout service star is worn with different background colors -- yellow for Cub Scouts, green for Boy Scouts, red for Explorer Scouts (now Venturers) ad light blue for adults. Gil
  8. Camp Perry near Port Clinton, Ohio, was a WW2 POW camp. It had been an Ohio NG base before the war, and after. It is also the site of the NRA's national rifle match. They have a museum so perhaps they could provide the info you seek. Gil
  9. Sad to hear. He was a great guy and fine dealer. Rest in Peace. G
  10. THe upper right patch is indeed BSA -- Worn by Explorer Scouts in the late '50's and early '60's
  11. Given that the bright gold trim appears to be a synthetic, probably nylon, and not bullion, I would date this as '60's or later. Gil
  12. Neat. My great great grandfather, Pvt Daniel Sanders, Co I, 203rd PVI, served in the XXIV Corps too, but he never got such a badge -- he died of typhoid about a week after Lee's surrender. G
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