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  1. Could it be that he was preparing to go home. Had his jacket set up with theater made items in preparation? I would not split it up.. HM54
  2. A friend of mine purchased it directly from a family years ago. Unfortunately he did not get any information on the original owner. HM54
  3. Thank you for the help. I was happy to get it even though it is not in the best condition.. HM54
  4. Hello Is this a M1841 US Sword? Original? Thank you HM54
  5. Dave If you can remember where you saw, please let me know. I would love to see it... HM54
  6. Thank you for all the assistance and information. I am working to find out more information on the vet that brought these home. If I find any anything, I will post. HM54
  7. I did some research and came up with several discussions on the use of these coveralls in ETO, and PTO. Here is the links..
  8. Can't say I blame them. Must have been very difficult to use in the field during combat. Interesting piece of WW2 history.. Thanks to all for the comments.. HM54
  9. Owen Thank you for the help. Photo #4 shows the washed out tag, and photo #6 shows the cut Suspenders. this set was definitely used in the field. Wish it could talk.. Is there much collector interest in these coveralls? HM54
  10. From What I have read, these were issued early war. I also found out that they were issued to both Army and Marines. From the buttons, etc can the maker be identified?
  11. Hello This not my usual area of collecting.. I picked up a pair of WW2 Camo Coveralls size 42 R. I has a very faint unreadable Laundry number on the collar. The maker tag is washed out. I can also see some kind of printed maker number in the shoulder area XXX C4.. The Suspenders are removed. I was told this came out of a WW2 footlocker recently found. They have some staining, and several small rips, but otherwise are in very good condition. I am working to see if I can get information on the original vet. I thought these were a nice set with the "Been there" feeling..
  12. Here is a link to my V-3 marked helmet.. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/297814-v3-helmet/
  13. IMO late war flight helmet. I like it, Nice shape. Here is a link to similar helmet.. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/282568-ww2-a-11-modified-for-kw-maybe/?hl=%2Bww2+%2Ba-11+%2Bmodified HM54
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