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  1. I believe he acquired an incredible collection that was here in the Detroit area , early in 2017. The collection was massive , the dealer passed away at the end of 2016 and had been collecting since he was a kid in the 30’s. When I say massive, it was an entire basement full of patches , wings , pins , DI’s. And that’s only what I saw and didn’t include a whole other bedroom full of stuff .
  2. I would contact Jeff at Advance Guard Militaria , I believe he does professional appraisals .
  3. I am really going to miss Bill . I just talked to him last week and he told me he was hopeful for the Max show in Sept . He and his wife are two of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.
  4. Not sure if he is the same guy who is a prolific buyer at SOS, but the Airborne Troop Carrier uniform with the dog tags came from me at this years SOS, and is 100% legit.
  5. I thought it was a great show! I was very impressed by how many of the younger crowd i saw running around and the fact they were spending real money. I think the social media end of things, as well as forums like this are inspiring these newer collectors to come out to the shows in person. Sales were brisk the whole week for us. I also saw more groupings and great uniforms than I ever have before. As beat as i was by Sunday morning, i would have stayed for another day or two. Just a wonderful event all around. This hobby is full of really great people and its a highlight of my life to know so many of you !
  6. Great dealer set up today . Found some neat pieces . Im at T-17 and 18 if anyone wants to stop and say hi . And also take a bunch of my stuff home with them !
  7. Picked up this pretty nice 9th Aviation pocket hanger patch today , thought you guys would enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Oh, Im sure there will be some of those no doubt !
  9. Cant wait ! Ive been working on preparations for a few weeks now . Will be bringing some great US Groupings Ive never shared before, Purple Hearts, patches , some great US field gear and who knows what else Ill find in the next month . Will also have a substantial collection of Russian Medals from WWII and beyond and other Comm block stuff . Should be a great time as always !
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