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  1. Was just watching a rerun of "Pawn Stars" and saw the chunk of steel souvenir from the U-68. When I was a kid back in the late 50' or early 60's I remember seeing chunks of steel that cut out of the U505 to make the entrance and exit. They were sold at the souvenir stand and were stamped U-505 MSI. Always wished I had bought one.
  2. I believe yours was made before this type. Or was cast by a differant supplier
  3. This is what the master for molding looks like. So there is no way in my opinion that yours is a mills bomb
  4. The only one that does not is this practice one
  5. Every mills bomb I have ever seen has this type of top
  6. Cary I have looked at every grenade site I know of about 20 of them. Done searches on differant search engines for images thats over 400 pages. Nothing I will have to let somebody with more knowledge than me tell us what this is. Will trade for 2 of my repros
  7. Cary I have been looking for one like yours at my normal sites and yet to find one like it. I think its a very early practice throwing grenade. The early practice throwing grenades did not have fuzes, they were just a normal frag body. I think it was in the 30's they started to cast the practice throwing grenade to look like a MKII as shown below. I think the time period for yours is sometime in the 1920's. I will keep looking, as you now you have me stumped on this one. GREAT FIND, I am jealous
  8. I have also seen some of the photos, they are best left unposted
  9. Page 3 My boy PFC McDaniel is the one in the lower left corner
  10. This is the latest copy of the 744th Ord. Co. (EOD) NEWSLETTER My boy is the one holding the Company Flag 744th is now serving in Afghanistan
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