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  1. That is an O-2, also known as the Oscar Deuce, it was another FAC type aircraft and was used in VN and later. Made famous by the film Bat-21. Mark
  2. That is the 874th Bomb Squadron, not sure the era but that is the unit. Mark
  3. Kyle, seems like a good space to grab a comfy chair, snap a Shiner Bock and look at the cool things IN the display cases. Great stuff, thanks for taking the time to post. Mark
  4. How would a guy in the 50's get a POW medal? The medal was introduced in 1985. I have seen these on numerous 50's era Army uniforms of guys who were in Germany or other parts of Europe. Not sure what it is, sure of what it isn't. Mark
  5. Thanks, sometimes it pays to be nice to the neighbors! I plan on painting their windows (outside) this week, gratis! JD, FYI, most of my other neighbors ARE annoying!! Stay safe out there fellas, Mark
  6. That is one awesome patch, and to have a photo of the aircraft as well, killer! I have one of these myself, 8th AF, with a photo of the crew in front of the aircraft, they are as rare as hens teeth. Congrats on a great group of items-7th AF stuff is tough to find! Mark
  7. Thanks guys, yes, it is nice to have good neighbors. I hung the scarf up and it looks good, I've never collected much CBI stuff but this one is a screamer! Stay safe and thanks again, Mark
  8. My neighbor dropped this on my porch-social distancing you know-belonged to his uncle and he had no use for it. He also said he had a squadron 'long' photo with a B-24 that he is looking for. The 373rd BS was awarded the DUC for sustained combat in the CBI. Hope you like, Mark
  9. Looks like an early Glenn Curtiss aircraft, maybe a Hudson Flyer. Nice image, Mark
  10. VMF(N)-542. They flew F7F-3N's at the beginning of the Korea War, they returned to the states in early 1951. Great image, Mark
  11. I think that is an Operation Firefly patch, Korean War-USAF units that dropped flares for the night attack aircraft. Great patch, hope this helps, Mark
  12. Chris, great patch. If I were to guess, I think it would be for an airborne ASW radarman. The squadron was flying Grumman AF's off the USS Bairoko during the Korean War. Mark
  13. I believe that this is the insignia of No. 2 Squadron, South African Air Force. Mark
  14. Guys, just a WAG, but I wonder if this were some sort of end of tour type 'award'. Being that the pilot or crew was finished with combat, he became a 'feather merchant' seeing he was no longer a combat pilot. It's just a thought, Mark
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