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  1. Tom, Thanks for the great info! I had no idea there were two versions of the M445. I have always "assumed" that the jacket my dad was wearing in the photo was a M444, but now you have me wondering. Looking at the photo, can you hazard a guess whether you think my dad's jacket was indeed a M444 or was it possibly the first iteration of the M445. Maybe the collar will give you a clue. I know the collar on a M444 was definitely smaller than the collar on the second iteration of the M445. I think Monarch had a contract for both. Interestingly, Monarch Manufacturing Co. was located in Milwaukee, WI, which was my dad's hometown.
  2. Sorry Tom for the second post, but the jacket in question is the one you reference as a "Mint M445 Monarch" in your Jul 20, 2008 post, i.e. the one with triangular patches on the sleeves. Marc
  3. Tom, Thanks so much for responding. I can't believe someone would sell his dad's stuff, and that no one in the family "cared". You were indeed lucky. However, I'm confused. When I asked you about the M-444, I was referring to the last three photos of your July 20, 2008 post. Although you referenced M-445 (and the first photo in the series is indeed a M-445 with buttons at the bottom of the zipper and square top to the patches on the sleeve), the jacket in the last three photos has triangular patches on the sleeve and no buttons at the bottom of the front zipper. I thought from my research that could only be a M-444 (see my dad's photo again), but you must surely know from the label. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks Marc
  4. Bazelot, You posted a photo of a beautiful M-444 jacket. Is that an original in excellent condition, or a repro? Where did you find it? I'm trying to buy one like my Dad had in WWII. I'm attaching (hopefully) a photo of my Dad wearing his at the end of the war.
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