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    Always training for Triathlons, love to Dive and travel, Collect guns, miltaria and coins. Active Duty fifth Generation Marine.

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  1. Added my third Chocolate Brown Officer EGA to the collection! Top left is Hallmarked HH and the other two are hallmarked 592. Black one shown for reference.
  2. I had a set of Russell marked suspenders for sale at the same time and these looked identical to them, minus the markings.
  3. That was the set I recently sold. Know nothing about early web gear. Glad you got a good set!
  4. Also added a nice matched set of Lukes.
  5. New hard to find birdy added! 1930s variant.
  6. Got this Dewey medal in a large group buy and Im unsure about its authenticity. I know the drape has been replaced and the top bar doesn't have the normal T-bar pin. The medal itself has me confused. No Tiffany marking on it. Anyone have any guesses or value? Thanks for the help
  7. I never hold out for matches, but they hold a place in the collection till a matched set rears its head, then I can sell and move along! Wack-a-mole
  8. Not quite, but managed to fill a few holes in the collection! The extra nice surprise was the fire bronze Droop wing that was hiding in a small lot. Was pretty stoked to see that one fall out of the wrapper!
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