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  1. Here is another example of a script engraved WW 1 Purple Heart. I have a copy the Award Card. It was awarded 9 March 1949. McNary was wounded in October 1918. Wharf
  2. It's a Cold War period tag for kids. Note Board of Education, New York on reverse. Wharf
  3. Witco was a shop in WA State that made a lot of modern Tiki art from cedar in the 1960s - 70s. I would guess they made many one of a kind items. My mother was given one of their carvings when I was a kid and I have not seen another example like it. If I remember correctly, Elvis purchased some of their items for his place. It would appear their stuff is worth some money now. W
  4. This may be a Witco carving from the 1960s. W
  5. I have a period photo of a sailor with this insignia, somewhere. Didn't know about Battalion 600. Thanks ! W
  6. Good luck Joe, best of wishes to you too. Wharf
  7. Sophie Dorothy Kaehler - Place Born 20 May 1918, Baker Minnesota. Passed Away 30 March 2005, Wisconsin. See Find A Grave. Wharf
  8. Are you thinking of the site Home of Heroes ? Wharf
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