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  1. Good luck Joe, best of wishes to you too. Wharf
  2. Sophie Dorothy Kaehler - Place Born 20 May 1918, Baker Minnesota. Passed Away 30 March 2005, Wisconsin. See Find A Grave. Wharf
  3. Are you thinking of the site Home of Heroes ? Wharf
  4. Don't Know what ASR is but this is a US Merchant Marine Officer's Cap badge and cap. The US Merchant Marine provided crews for US Army Transport ships and this is probably what it is. The ASR badge in the British mixed lot above is a US Navy CPO badge with ASR added. Army Shipping Reserve ? Perhaps a shipping company. W
  5. US Merchant Marine, probably Army Transportation Service. Not a British badge. Wharf
  6. Officer Commanding 3rd Coast Guard District. Perhaps he was a Yeoman. The first name is probably Till , not Tili. Wharf
  7. Very nice dated Heart, as most often found to WIAs. Wharf
  8. See: Find A Grave. Wharf
  9. Well, that's interesting. Here is a script engraved PH to a WW1 Vet, awarded 9 March 1949. Confirmed on the Award Card. Last year for script. Mc Nary was wounded 7 Oct. 1918. Wharf
  10. I'll add this one, Gunner on a B-29.
  11. Yep, a full 180, that's the real telltale. Found in a collection of good wings I purchased a number of years ago. Wharf
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