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  1. Yes, I know they are military as they came from a military chaplain. Just trying to identify use and year of use. Thanks!
  2. Need some chaplain history experts to identify these items and provide me with an era of production/use. Thanks!
  3. Just to close this thread out, Dick's uniform was returned to him at the Aurora, Colorado Veterans Salute on November 4, 2015 with full media coverage. I had a great day with him and the other WWII veterans. Here is the story: http://kdvr.com/2015/11/04/wwii-vets-honored-for-their-services-and-sacrifices-at-wings-over-the-rockies-event/
  4. Breezy, I have seen several variations of the straight handle Ames piton hammer. The 1943 hammer I have is the straight handle version with "43" stamped next to the "Ames." Some of the Ames hammers have no date and I've been told there might be one out there with a "42" stamp but I've never seen one. The 42 Ames hammer I have is the wide handle base. I wanted one from each year.
  5. After many years of collecting WWII Mountain Troop items, I finally finished off my collection of all the WWII piton hammers. 1. Ames 1942 2. Ames 1943 3. TES 1944 4. N&E 1945
  6. You've owned three? How much are these worth? Have you ever sold one before? They seem to be pretty rare.
  7. Greetings friends, I know quite a bit about WWII Mountain Troop items but I've never seen one of these before. Is this real and legit? WWII Ski vice from what I'm told? It is marked "US 1943" on the side and has the letters/numbers "SS 1392-0" on another side.
  8. Dave, I sent you an E-mail. We'll work something out to get this uniform back to Dick some 68 years later. Thanks
  9. Very nice collection but why advertise to the world of thieves and evil people how many guns you have? Just curious...
  10. I've owned a couple that were not marked. I'm not sure who made them though.
  11. If only he can get the safe open in time when needed!
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