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  1. Another M1 aution in now running from the same seller ..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/M1-helmet-WWII-Red-ONE-infantry-division-fixed-bales-/401269339659?hash=item5d6d84360b:g:hzQAAOSw44BYkhZ-
  2. Hello everyone, a question about the 2 different "background logo of Manhattan Project Certificate". I have two certificates of the Manhattan Project, given to two different people, both civilians, one from Westinghouse Company and another from a U.S. University. One background has the "logo" Manhattan Project - A Bomb, in gray Color and the other in light brown color. The photos on the Internet about these certificates, show the two types of "background". Anyone can tell me what's the difference between these two backgrounds? Thanks.
  3. In the first and third photo, right side of the helmet, the sense of design seems also applied incorrectly. It should be, the orientation of the lines, from upper left to lower right. In the upper left and lower right, always the color blue. Is it correct?
  4. Also the other look me as a genuine WWII's patch.
  5. rare ww2 mountain troops jacket.....i have see others similar items sold between a range for about USD 200 - 300 of course, more worth for a complet jacket, with belt (50 inch long), inside suspenders, and readable tag.
  6. Rest in Peace and condolences to the family. Francesco.
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