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  1. I've never set up at those shows. I've set up at National Gun Day in Louisville, MVACA in Kansas City, a few times at OGCA at Roberts Center, and DTGCA in Sioux Falls, SD last year. I also set up an abbreviated display of Garand Launchers only for the GCA in Fairfax, VA in 2017. I'll also be setting up at MVACA in Kansas City again in July provided the show's not cancelled. Like most collectors, I started out "needing" one representative example and then went down a rabbit hole.......
  2. Yep, definitely a WP. Longer then regular smoke and no holes in the bottom plate.
  3. As requested, a picture of my current US Anti-Tank Rifle Grenades l to r: Early Yellow M9A1 AT Grenade circa early 1943 Later Green M9A1 AT Grenade circa 1943-1945 M9A2 AT Grenade circa 1951 T-41/M28 HEAT Grenade circa 1951 M31 HEAT Grenade circa 1955 Still looking for an M9 AT Grenade to finish out the collection. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  4. My US Military Rifle Grenade Display. These pictures are from 2018 and there have been some significant additions since then.
  5. Found this Knapp-Monarch M7 Grenade Launcher in box at the SOS on Friday. Condition was a little rough but they are extremely difficult to find. 2nd picture shows it nestled in with my other M7 Launcher boxes. Not too bad for 75+ year old cardboard.
  6. I've got a copy of that pic somewhere. M1 definitely has the grenade sight disk installed.
  7. My main display is on US Military Rifle Grenades.
  8. Looking for info on Gun Shows or Military Shows that have an organized display awards program. I know that the Ohio Gun Collector's has an annual display show and the Missouri Valley Arms Collector's has one also. Are there others around the country that have these programs? Thanks for any info.
  9. Based on the trailer I saw, I wasn't planning on seeing this but after reading several positive reviews I decided to give it a try. I should have stuck to my guns because I didn't care for it at all. The story line of we have to get this message through to stop the attack or it'll be a massacre is old and tired, not to mention the old jump off the cliff into the river to escape certain capture/death. All in all, there is 2 1/2 hours of my life that could have been better spent.
  10. They used to be fairly common but are harder but not impossible to find now.
  11. Great display. Thanks for sharing.
  12. A few more pictures, plus some newly acquired items that will be added.
  13. Some really great displays on here. I came to the realization that I can't have everything so I have focused mainly on 20th Century US Military and US Military rifles and primarily on US Military grenade launchers. After years of collecting I became very unsatisfied with all of my stuff just sitting in my basement. So I have been setting up displays for a number of years at Gun Collector shows and will be setting up this display again in a few months at the NRA Collector's Show in SD.
  14. Very nice. Always loved working with an AC130 overhead.......
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