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  1. Thanks Lee...Thanks Ski. I doubt he was ever with CAP but I can go back to other family to confirm. Thanks again for the info. ~Take care, Dave
  2. Ken...Were you ever able to ID the remaining ribbons? 7th row #1 is one I've been trying to ID for months now. Any luck? ~Take care, Dave
  3. Guess a little background would help. He was in the Army between '42 and '45 as part of the 36th ID. Thought it might be a state NG award but can't find anything from Texas. He lived in Ohio almost his entire life, but I couldn't find anything there either. He was a Mason and I think that's the only organization he was ever a part of, but I don't think they issue awards like this. To answer you other question Nick, his other ribbons were the standard ones most enlisted men earned during that period... 1. GCM 2. American Campaign 3. EAME If there's other questions I can answer to help clue someone in, let me know. I think I've looked under every rock but I keep coming up empty. ~Take care, Dave
  4. This one has me at a loss. I found this mixed in with the other ribbons and medals my Grandfather was awarded during WW2. I've been looking everywhere I can think of, but still can't find out where it came from. Thought I'd see if you experts could either ID it or point me in the right direction to look. 1st view... 2nd view... 2 pics of the back
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