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  1. Brig, I thought you said in your post above that if it has a number it is circa 50-60's Vietnam. If it did not have a number it was post Vietnam. I see you said now it is 70-80's. Thanks, rocky
  2. Sorry I didn't get back sooner but here is a pic of the back. It does have a number on it. Thanks, Del
  3. Friar, thank you for your fast response & information. I really appreciate it. rocky
  4. Could I please have your opinion on these ribbon bars. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, rocky
  5. The jacket is made in China by Arizona. It is genuine leather. The patches were added on later and I thought that maybe one of the was original. Here are some pics of the jacket. If it was a bigger size, I would keep it for myself to wear but it is a medium & too small for me. Thanks, rocky
  6. Thanks for the information. How did you determine that? Just so I know. Thanks, rocky
  7. Could I please have your opinion on this EGA. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, rocky
  8. Could I please have your opinion on some patches. I am thinking that the Chinese Burma is original but not sure about the rest. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, rocky
  9. Hi, were the leather flyers jackets for the United States made in China during WW2 also? My friend has one but I didn't see it yet. He said it says inside Made in China. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, rocky
  10. I am not sure if this is the place I should ask this question but does anyone know anything about the Citation A L'Ordre De L' Armee? Where they issued to French & American soldiers during WW1? Did any one ever see any for sale? Thanks, rocky
  11. Thank You. There is also a dress buckle with a plane on it and those unit pins. rocky
  12. Thanks for all the comments. Do you think the whole tray would be worth $200.00? Thanks. rocky
  13. I went over to the guys house that has these and I was hoping to get a ball park price from you guys before I went. I am unfamiliar with some of the pins so I asked him to sell me the ribbon bars. I got all of them for $70, He wanted $200 for the whole case. What do you think of the price for the ribbon bars? Thanks, rocky
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