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  1. That is an interesting field expedient knife. At least in my limited 'travels' and experience you don't often see home-made knives with teeth on the blades' edge. It is a little tough to tell from the top-down image but the pommel reminds me of the style on the end of an E.G. Waterman fighting knife, minus the ring. Tim
  2. Wow, where in the world was this holster hiding for so long to be in such good condition? Tim
  3. Thanks. I think I found a really decent place called F.O.P. Range not far from the house we will be buying. It's about 30 minutes from home. Not the 6 minutes from home of my current range, but it looks like it is much more nicely equipped. Tim
  4. Yes, I had some while interviewing for the position I was offered - I definitely am a fan of the Southern version . Tim
  5. It certainly will be an interesting transition, however, having spent so much of my life in the NE it is a change I am really looking forward to. Tim
  6. Steve, I will give them a call and see whether there are any places closer to where I will be living. Thanks for the suggestion. Tim
  7. I am moving from Saranac Lake, NY to the Birmingham, AL area for my work. I am wondering whether any board members live in and around Birmingham and can offer suggestions on what club I can join to do outdoor high powered rifle shooting out beyond 100 yards (if available). I also shoot pistol, not competition, and prefer to do so on tactical pistol ranges, or at least at relatively close distances ranging from 1 out to 7 - 15 yards. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Tim
  8. The second picture is not in focus so it is impossible to read the inscription that would indicate the manufacturer. What is stamped on the blade? Tim
  9. Well, I am pretty excited this evening as I made an offer of $150 that was accepted by the seller. Might still be a smidge on the high side, but one cannot argue it is not a really nice condition original M1917A1 helmet and in a lot better shape than most that come along. I will provide more pictures once I have it in hand. Should display quite nicely with some original PTO photographs, Hospital Corpsman Bolo, and Corpsman shoulder SSI that I currently have in my collection. Tim
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I figured the price was high and that does not even include the $15 shipping fee. Perhaps I will send the seller a counteroffer and see if they really are interested in selling the helmet or not. Tim
  11. I have been wanting to add a nice M1917A1 helmet to my collection and came across the following (see pics below). After a fair bit if research through books in my 'library' and reading online I think it looks fine and is period correct and unmessed with. But, I would like to solicit the opinions of those more knowledgeable than I. I also would like to know whether ~$180 is a reasonable price or a bit high. Again, your thoughts on the asking price is much appreciated. Personally, I see value added by the presence of the name and reference to the U.S. Navy. But, I don't want to
  12. That is a beautiful pairing you have there Kevin. Congratulations on the acquisition. Tim
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