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  1. Thanks for the help. If only these ribbons could talk!
  2. Hi All: I picked up this ribbon rack today. Can anyone help id the last two ribbons on the right?
  3. Thanks aznation for the information!
  4. Was able to figure out how to post a pic
  5. Hi Bill: It is a wounded in action award
  6. I recently acquired a Columbia Accolade awarded to Pvt Alton H. Fisher of the 58th Infantry. Two requests, 1: Can anyone help me with information regarding the soldier? 2: The accolade is colorized (sorry I can't upload a picture. Can anyone educate me on such an accolade? Thanks, Chris
  7. I recently came across a colorized accolade. Can someone help educate me on this type of accolade?
  8. Thanks for your help guys. I am trying to help a friend research his father's WWII service. He said his father served with a fighter squadron in Africa. Here is the original pic. Hope this info can help id his unit.
  9. Can anyone id this DUI? I believe it is WWII Army Air Force. An help will be appreciated.
  10. Incredible piece of work and tribute that deserves to be available to the public.
  11. SA1794


    Hey Patches: Thank you!!!!
  12. SA1794


    Best I can do for now. I'll try to get clearer pic tomorrow. Thanks!
  13. SA1794


    Asking for help regarding the center tip. Is this military? If so, can anyone provide details. Thanks, Chris
  14. Ok. So general consensus is its not CW era? Thanks everyone for your help.
  15. A friend of mine came across this knife while cleaning out an old house. The knife is about 12" total with a bone handle and a leather hand guard. The blade is stamped (see pic). Any information regarding the knife and its age will be greatly appreciated.
  16. Looks like someone is trying to get a little attention. Sad really.
  17. Another impressive piece of history. Thanks for sharing.
  18. SA1794

    RIP Tom Lane

    I too am saddened by this news. Although I did not know Tom on the level that many of you did, I feel much of my early knowledge of medal collecting came from his website and interactions with him through this Forum. His willingness to share his knowledge with a neophyte collector will always be treasured. RIP Tom.
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