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  1. Hey Red... you just like to make people hate you don't you? You understand you were just a stroke to a person who you SUPPOSEDLY try to honor in reenacting right? Or do you do it as an excuse to just dress up in your army clothes and play guns in your yard? I am also guessing your mother never told you to respect your elders did she? Just so you know... seeing what you did there i just lost what little respect i had left for you. On a side note, Sgt Ron those were some cool pictures, you wouldnt happen to have more of your time over there would you? And thank you for your service NO MATTE
  2. Ya i really like them, they look good for displays. Also thanks for the quote on them! -Cary
  3. Well, those atleast are the ones I am selling, Let me take a picture of the other ones he gave me I have about double that. From what i have found out though the one included ( a B-24 pin) has gone for between 50-70$ on ebay. -Cary
  4. Sorry for such a late reply i forgot all about this thread Here are pictures of them 1-471st Bombardment Squadron 2-370th Bombardment Squadron 3-306th Bombardment Squadron 4-2x Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron 5-Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron 232 6-103rd Observation Squadron 7-Marine Bombing Squadron 433
  5. My grandpa just gave me a bunch of these today, pretty neat, most of them are smaller and denote air squadrons... then one says B-25 Mitchell. Any body know what these run?? -Cary
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