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    Any Ideas

    Around $20 per set on average. Some cheaper, some a little more. Cheapest was $5, most expensive was around $35. I checked all the pockets.....nothing. Was hoping for a name on the SF stuff. The older khaki uniforms were stamped with the guys name and service number. When I head back through next week, if its open I will get some better pictures
  2. GatorDoc

    Any Ideas

    Patches, These were complete uniforms with pants/shirts and service coats in a shop in West Virginia. Probably should have bought them but I am very new to this area of collecting. Interestingly, these uniforms were also on the same rack. Looks like he may have been the real deal. Lots of the SF uniforms but all name patches had been removed
  3. Saw this in an antique shop in West Virginia for $5. Looks like a fellow that should not have been trifled with!
  4. GatorDoc

    Any Ideas

    Thank you. I had a tough time finding this. His other uniforms had various other patches including a ruptured duck.
  5. GatorDoc

    Any Ideas

    Hey guys This was on WW2 era uniform. Any ideas? Valuable or worth adding to a collection? Thank you, J
  6. Definitely Greek. Bertmedals is correct. Top word is ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟ translating as VENIZELO The word directly before 1918 is ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ( polemou) and translates to "war" in English. Post a clear picture of the word proceeding that if you will.
  7. Someone just messaged me that the first one is a Finnish Civil Guard shooting award from the 1920's. Not sure how it ended up with all USGI badges
  8. Hey guys, I need some help id'ing these badges. I am not sure if the second one is military but feel like it is. Any help is greatly appreciated J
  9. Antique kettlebell minus the handle???
  10. Nice! He was with MACV Team 90. Looks like him here: www.gorhody.com/information/hall_of_fame/bios/almy_(-55)_donald_c.00.html?view=bio
  11. http://www.modernforces.com/uniform_special_jacket_4.htm I wonder if it is the same guy?
  12. Thank you for the quick reply. If I were to keep a few from the second post that were representative of WW2 issue, which would be a few to keep? Thanks
  13. Hey guys, I recently acquired a large lot of US decorations. Included were these EGA's. Are any of these vintage or worth keeping? Or is all of it recent production. Thank you for your time J
  14. Rank is jr lieutenant ( equivalent of a US second lieutenant)
  15. Any help is appreciated. I was thinking the third piece was possibly a WW1 era hat badge but not sure. All three are solid and very heavy. Thanks, J
  16. awesome!!!! thank you Phantomfixer!
  17. Thanks Gil, No fittings on the back. Lots of holes where pop rivets were though. These have me stumped. They are definitely aircraft and were in a large conex of all helicopter parts that had just been released from a local USMC base as salvage. I thought at first they were the aircraft version of "fender skirts" that retracted to cover landing gear but cant find anything like it. Maybe something like a Sea Stallion? There are lots of Ospreys being retrofitted there but doesnt seem to fit them either. The most confusing part for me is that is that they were mixed in with lots of Venom, Viper, and Super Cobra parts. But dont seem to belong on any of them
  18. They are hinged. Here is another picture of a few more. I could not find any markings at all on these pieces
  19. Hey guys, While digging through my local USMC salvage yard, I stumbled upon several large containers of helicopter parts. Seats, skids, stretcher assemblies, etc... Mixed in with all this was a large container of these panels. I picked a few of them up because they were "named". Any ideas what this came off of? This salvage yard is almost exclusively USMC however a few Navy parts show up from time to time. I appreciate any ideas or advice. G
  20. You have some NLF/Vietminh, NVA, and NVA Navy sun helmet badges. They all look post 1959 and pre 1975 with a star with sun bursts behind it, a cog wheel at the bottom and rice stalks surrounding the star. Likely cast or stamped brass. Post 1975 badges typically were made from aluminum Pre 1975 badges here in US are fairly scarce.
  21. That buckle is a two piece enlisted mans buckle from the Wurttemberg Division. it means "Fearless and Loyal". Pretty desirable piece with a very interesting history. Desirable enough that it is and was heavily reproduced. Yours looks good! Worth about 3 -4 times what the latter steel pressed buckles are, these are often unit marked.
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