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  1. WOW. Very nice Your label in the box are instructions for the Wurfgranaten 15. It translates to: Preparing the Throwing Grenade 15 Unscrew the igniter Insert detonator Screw on the igniter Put the grenade on the shooting stick/post Loosen the ribbon loop on the linch pin Pull out the pin
  2. Around $20 per set on average. Some cheaper, some a little more. Cheapest was $5, most expensive was around $35. I checked all the pockets.....nothing. Was hoping for a name on the SF stuff. The older khaki uniforms were stamped with the guys name and service number. When I head back through next week, if its open I will get some better pictures
  3. Patches, These were complete uniforms with pants/shirts and service coats in a shop in West Virginia. Probably should have bought them but I am very new to this area of collecting. Interestingly, these uniforms were also on the same rack. Looks like he may have been the real deal. Lots of the SF uniforms but all name patches had been removed
  4. Saw this in an antique shop in West Virginia for $5. Looks like a fellow that should not have been trifled with!
  5. Thank you. I had a tough time finding this. His other uniforms had various other patches including a ruptured duck.
  6. Hey guys This was on WW2 era uniform. Any ideas? Valuable or worth adding to a collection? Thank you, J
  7. Definitely Greek. Bertmedals is correct. Top word is ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟ translating as VENIZELO The word directly before 1918 is ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ( polemou) and translates to "war" in English. Post a clear picture of the word proceeding that if you will.
  8. Someone just messaged me that the first one is a Finnish Civil Guard shooting award from the 1920's. Not sure how it ended up with all USGI badges
  9. Hey guys, I need some help id'ing these badges. I am not sure if the second one is military but feel like it is. Any help is greatly appreciated J
  10. Antique kettlebell minus the handle???
  11. Nice! He was with MACV Team 90. Looks like him here: www.gorhody.com/information/hall_of_fame/bios/almy_(-55)_donald_c.00.html?view=bio
  12. http://www.modernforces.com/uniform_special_jacket_4.htm I wonder if it is the same guy?
  13. Thank you for the quick reply. If I were to keep a few from the second post that were representative of WW2 issue, which would be a few to keep? Thanks
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