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  1. Based in the UK, most members around Herts Beds and Bucks, Bristol and Swindon and out to Esssex. Regards Lee
  2. The youngsters clean up before we all headed our seperate ways home url=http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/leebowden4/media/DSC03095_zps3783bd30.jpg.html][/url]
  3. http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag323/leebowden4/DSCF6886_zpsa52dc809.jpg[/url]
  4. [url=http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/leebowden4/media/DSCF6886_zpsa52dc809.jpg.html]
  5. http://i1372.photobucket.com/albums/ag323/leebowden4/DSCF6888_zps4392d6f5.jpg[/url]
  6. [url=http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/leebowden4/media/DSCF6888_zps4392d6f5.jpg.html]
  7. 17th AIRBORNE COMMEMORATIVE TRAINING DAY MARCH 2014 Last week the First Allied Airborne Association undertook a training day based around its 17th Airborne impression. The Association have been covering this Division and Campaign for a number of years concentrating on the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment and supporting sub units. This weekend again saw the group covering the 507th and supporting elements of the 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion during the initial few days after the landings. The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) was activated on July 20, 1942 at Fort Benning,
  8. Drill Team pose for a happy snap Oh Go on then, may as well get some of the other team members on here. PFC Frank Somerville prepares chow in the mess hall After Lunch the troops were instructed on care and preparation of Uniform under PFC Bob Macdonald. This subject was of great interest to the group members. Bob has had years of caring for Vintage clothing and his expertise was passed on to the troops. The FAAA-A TEAM came together for the weekend and had a great night on the Saturday evening with great company, we covered all important subjects on the AGM an
  9. AGMs are very personal to groups who hold them, so the detail of that aspect of the weekend can remain within the FAAA-A Team, suffice to say the new dynamics of the group and the events we are to be involved in where very much appreciated by all who now hold full membership. So the remainder of the report will deal with the training aspect of the weekend and to that end to illustrate what we got up to, below is the training programe we worked to: 1000hrs---------------------Report to Drill Hall-----ALL MEMBERS. 1015hrs---------------------Muster in Drill hall-----ALL MEMBERS. 1030hrs---
  10. FEBRUARY 9th AGM/TRAINING DAY THE DRILL HALL, ASHRIDGE MILITARY TRAINING AREA FIRST ALLIED AIRBORNE ARMY HONOR GUARD This last weekend saw the FAAA -A team undertaking its 2014 AGM at the Dill Hall, Dagnal, Hertfordshire. Prior to this a group social event took place at its forward Command Post , the "White Horse" Pub. Originally the group had organised itself to undertake its AGM at Bletchley Park and much organisation and admin had taken place to put this into action, however the recent problems at BP involving the mismanagment and poor treatment of volunt
  11. Any chance of the dimentions of this decal please Regards Lee
  12. Col Houston performs a reading Color Guard forms up to retire colors The Senior American Officers inspect the Color Guard at the end of the service
  13. For the last 4 or 5 years the First Allied Airborne Association have been in Aldbourne for Remembrance Sunday supporting the Screaming Eagles American memorial day. The Normal service of remembrance takes place and 11 o clock where we join the local villagers outside their memorial hall. When all the locals move inside after the wreath laying the FAAA Color Guard move to the church for rehearsals before a quick lunch in the blue boar pub. The afternoon service was this year attended by three senior American officers and their families as well as locals and a contingent from the Screaming
  14. Thank you for your kind comments guys. Lee I know these pics do indeed look like they are a private event but there are plenty of public around, but the camera is pointing where we need it to make up these story lines. I have pics of the actual show so I will post some up as soon as I have time as it would be nice to see how the guys are interacting with the public and veterans. My job does not give me the free time I used to have to submit the reports and they take some time to put together, we have still several from 2013 outstanding but they will get finished sooner or later so keep your
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