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  1. I have a few suggestions: Firstly try contacting Donald Trump, he recieved a Purple Heart as a gift and mentioned he always wanted to own one. Two, Admiral McCains medals were sold by his family so try contacting John McCain as someone in his family sold those. Maybe they could share more light on why they did this and how this law means families will no longer be able to sell these medals. Three, a high profile collector of medals is Lord Ashcroft in the UK, he is a famous businessman and collector of Victoria Crosses however I do know he has US medals in his collection. Maybe mem
  2. Hi Thanks for that. I cant find the Hawkwood ones however I just had a look at the Workware ones and I might be tempted by them as I cant find any other ones in size 36. Nick
  3. I like that embroided version. Thanks for sharing. Nick
  4. I Cant wait for this book. Will you have written information on the Purple Heart? It's history, award criteria, types, numbers awarded, types of engravings etc. Nic
  5. Hi Rob Yes I was a bit suprised myself, usually I see photos of Marines in Korea wearing HBT's or M43's in colder months, interesting to find some wore the Vandegrift jacket. Great collection of USMC Korean War Uniforms you have there btw! I don't have many myself as I live downunder and the shipping usually kills me however I have a few I hope to share soon. Nick
  6. Hi guys I thought I would share with you a patch I have that was part of a large grouping to a Marine who was present during the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. Enjoy Nick
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