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  1. ... says the man who sports a picture of Oddball as his avatar .
  2. This probably didn't make the evening news worldwide but at least it did here in Belgium. Today the Belgian war correspondent and photographer Yves Debay (58) was killed by sniper fire while covering fighting between Syrian opposition forces and the regime's army. Many of us might know Yves as the (co-) author of several (photo-) books and articles on subjects as the US Marines, US military hardware, Operation Desert Shield/Storm, etc. Yves also used to work for RAIDS magazine and started ASSAULT magazine in 2005. RIP, Yves! You will remain with us through all your great books, arti
  3. Here's a patrol cap I picked up a few weeks ago.
  4. I read somewhere that the the coats are wool. Because they are so hot the coats, wigs and tricorns are put on the very last minute before the performance.
  5. Thanks for the link, Patches. I read the history and there is loads of interesting stuff in it (including about the uniforms). No in-depth study of the uniforms, though.
  6. You seem to be very well informed. Have you served with the Old Guard?
  7. A friend told me he went to see the Twilight Tattoo in DC last Wednesday. I saw the Tattoo myself in 2001 and had a great time! Two things I'll always remember are the Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps and the line-up of soldiers wearing historical uniforms from the Revolutionary War untill the present day. For old times' sake I watched a couple of Youtube clips of the Twilight Tattoo and couldn't but wonder if anyone at the forum ever had the opportunity of seeing up close the uniforms of the Old Guards' Continental Color Guard and/or Fife & Drum Corps. Are they all made to measure?
  8. This post is pretty old but today I happened to come across this page which explains the different shades of Night Desert pattern. http://www.desertstorm1991.com/files/UNC/PATTERNS.htm If I'm not mistaking, the author (Flashesandovals) is also a member of the forum.
  9. I hope Top Gun II will eventually make it to the big screen, although might not have the same look and feel as the first movie (which is what Tony had in mind).
  10. As far as I've heard, it recently turned into a big no-no with the Marines as well. Maybe because the days when everyone wore BDU's and you needed to ID a Marine from a distance by the way he rolled his sleeves are over. Who knows?
  11. I take it you are refering to the rolled up sleeves with the inside showing, right?
  12. In my opinion, these look so much better: Are these still in use? Or were they just a test?
  13. Who needs a hunting cabine with one of these after all? It's a hunting cabine on tracks!
  14. I saw you guys patrolling with the Mutt at the Wings and Wheels event last Saturday. I was quite impressed. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of your display at the hangars (for which I could hit myself now). Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
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