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  1. According to information contained in the following forum link, the gold-bordered blue patch behind Thury's wings denotes he completed the RAF's Fighter Leader School: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/259458-interesting-wing-background/?hl=%2Blead+%2Bcrew+%2Bblue&do=findComment&comment=2081536 Shade Ruff
  2. A nice example of the lead patch as worn by Maj Joseph L. Thury, 505th Fighter Squadron, 339th Fighter Group. A P-51 pilot, he was credited with 28.5 air-to-ground kills and 2.5 air-to-air kills. Photo dated 20 SEP 44. Shade Ruff
  3. T/Sgt Curtis R. Holland, Radio Operator, 571st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 390th Bombardment Group (Heavy). Photo dated 25 FEB 44. Shade Ruff
  4. T/Sgt Thomas T. Urmson, Top Turret Gunner/Engineer, 613th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy). Photo dated 2 JUL 44. Shade Ruff
  5. S/Sgt Lee G. Sherman, Radio Operator, 613th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy). Photo dated 21 AUG 44. Note embroidered wings on blue felt background. Shade Ruff
  6. T/Sgt Nicholas W. Schoenberger, Radio Operator, 613th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy). Photo dated 2 JUL 44. Shade Ruff
  7. Sgt Thomas H. Holland, Right Waist Gunner, 613th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy).. Photo dated 16 MAY 44. Shade Ruff
  8. S/Sgt Maurice M. Friedman, Left Waist Gunner, 614th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy).. Photo dated 21 AUG 44. Shade Ruff
  9. Staff Sergeant Atkin is also a Silver Star recipient. Shade Ruff
  10. I forgot to add that the plane depicted is actually "Shade Ruff #2" (as clearly seen in the image with the different names/nicknames). The original "Shade Ruff" was lost on an earlier mission (March 1944 if I remember correctly) while being flown by another 614th BS(H) crew. Regards, Shade Ruff
  11. The original Shade Ruff crew piloted by 1st Lt. R. O. Stine was lost on the April 11th, 1944 mission to Stettin. That day the Stine crew was flying another 614th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) B-17 - the "Gloria J." My uncle was Shade Ruff's original bombardier. Only he and the tail gunner survived the Gloria J.'s mid-air explosion (flak hit) over Hannover. Note "Betty Baby" on the chin turret. That was my late aunt's name. Regards, Shade Ruff
  12. Just came across these posts. I'm able to add a bit more detail to Captain Nochnoy's service record. As Dave noted, he commanded a battalion in the 211th Artillery Pinskiy, Order of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, Order of Aleksandr Nevskiy Regiment. In addition to his OPWII and OPWI awards, he was also awarded an Order of Aleksandr Nevskiy (downgraded from an Order of the Red Banner recommendation) via order No. 23/N, Commander 61st Army Artillery, dated June 12th, 1945. His Order of the Patriotic War First Class also resulted from a downgraded Order of the Red Banner recommendation. His OAN aw
  13. Over the years, the U.S. military award certificates to Red Army personnel I've been made aware of were those for the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit. The most commonly seen examples are those for the Legion of Merit - many of which often included their accompanying citation printed on White House letterhead stationery with President Truman's signature. Silver Star certificates are much less common with DSC certificates exceedingly rare. I have neither personally seen nor have knowledge of documented certificates to Red Army personnel for th
  14. Using two of Bill's Red Army Silver Star recipients, I'm able to shed additional light on the process. Guards Senior Lieutenant (later Captain) A. G. Stepanenko commanded the 1st Rifle Battalion, 227th Guards Rifle Regiment, 79th Guards Rifle Zaporozhskiy Red Banner Division. His Soviet awards were two Orders of the Red Banner (ORB). The award recommendation for his first ORB served as the core of his Silver Star citation. Sergeant (later Senior Sergeant) I. A. Komogortsev was a sniper assigned to 1st Rifle Company, 1st (later 2nd) Rifle Battalion, 895th Rifle Regiment, 193rd Ri
  15. firefighter, Unless Captain Arens also holds a commission as an officer in the United States Naval Reserve (and I've seen nothing to suggest he does), he does not qualify for this badge. Shade Ruff
  16. 468abnarm, Thank you. Knowing what we do, I'm confident the medals/ribbons/unit citations/badges I've depicted are airtight. If there are questions that remain, they are associated with the undocumented ribbons/badges seen in the Captain Arens 18-count ribbon rack image. Shade Ruff
  17. Capt Arens' ribbon rack in sea/naval service configuration. I have elected not to swap out/exchange his Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) for the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR). In my view (recognizing he was a merchant mariner and not regular USN/USCG), the fact he earned his CIB in Korea serving with a Ranger infantry company and the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment allows for some deviation. I know if I had earned a CIB under those circumstances I sure as heck wouldn't want to swap it out for a CAR. Shade Ruff
  18. Baron3-6, That's correct. I elected, however, to lay out his rack as it would be worn in a U.S. Army configuration given the preponderance of U.S. Army awards/badges. Of the nine ribbons in his rack, six are directly attributed to his U.S. Army service in Korea with two of the three Merchant Marine ribbons linked to his World War II service. A switch to a naval service configuration is a quick fix. Shade Ruff
  19. I neglected to include the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation in my earlier post. Captain Arens is also entitled to this award. Shade Ruff
  20. Based on the evidence presented to date, I believe an accurate representation of Captain Arens' authorized awards and badges is as depicted below. Although we may assume Arens served in a Ranger infantry company in Korea (3rd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne)), there is no evidence to confirm he is a graduate of a formal U.S. Army Infantry School Ranger training course. That said, he would not be authorized to wear the Ranger tab. Shade Ruff
  21. I can confirm APO 51 (Army Post Office 51) is associated with the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment during the Korean Conflict. Below are two references I've come across to establish this connection (I have masked the individuals' names for privacy reasons): "My Father is Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Ring any bells? His duty assignment was CO.K, 187th AIR , APO 51." "My father's name was Yyyyyy Y. Yyyyyy. He went by "Yyy". He was a Corporal in Company M. 187th Air APO 51." When the separate Ranger infantry companies serving in Korea were inactivated over the course of 1951, their assigned pe
  22. 468abnarm, While there was an 18th Armored Infantry Battalion (16th Armored Division) that served occupation duty in Germany at the end of World War II, there was never a U.S. Army unit known as the 18th Armored Infantry Regiment. As for armored infantry organizations at large, "the U.S. Army had been experimenting with mechanised infantry throughout 1941, early versions bearing a close resemblance to the standard Infantry Battalion. In March 1942 the Armored Infantry underwent a significant reorganisation, which gave the unit a very distinctive structure. Originally, the Armored
  23. Mary A, While no by-line was included in the article version I posted above, I was able to recover the by-line from another version of the exact same article. I hope the below information is of some use. Shade Ruff By RICHARD PEACOCK Staff Writer You can e-mail Richard Peacock at rpeacock@sun-herald.com
  24. RICA emblem as seen on his beret flash. Shade Ruff
  25. An explanation of some of the patches Capt Arens is seen wearing in the attached image. On the left side of his blazer he wears: - Shoulder sleeve insignia for the 2nd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) - Shoulder sleeve insignia for the 3rd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) - Patch/crest for the Association of Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) of the Korean War (RICA) The patch on the right side of his blazer is unidentified. It appears to be related to the 50th anniversary of the Korean War Ranger companies. The flash on his beret bears the RICA emblem. Shade Ruff
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